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  1. I believe YATE has some sort of implementation, not sure if it’s part of the public open source release though.
  2. I don’t believe he is ignoring you, just banned from the forum for some reason. Reach out to me via PM and I can get you in touch.
  3. It's too bad you can only purchase from in the US!
  4. Is this still an ongoing thing?
  5. Where did the whole 0xx number thing originate? Do you think there would be any here in Canada? Edit: Just answered my own question:
  6. Also Google Voice is consistently working for me when trying to dial 0xx numbers.
  7. What kinda weird tone? Not a constant 1004Hz milliwatt I guess?
  8. The DMS-100 based systems here use 999+7 digit number. ANAC is 958-9999 across all BellAliant areas.
  9. Hah, I have one of these which I bought after talking to you about them. I never did leave it powered on as I lack a proper 48v power supply. My plan was to hook it up to a Sipura FXS and set up an Asterisk dialin, I may have to ressurrect it sometime!
  10. I don't think I have seen one of those Nortel NetVenue terminals in a very long time, oh and Quortech (they bought the Millennium line from Nortel in 2000) has developed an information/ad display that attaches on the top of the terminals. I just saw some in the Toronto airport a few weeks ago, slipped my mind to take a picture!
  11. When I visited London a couple of weeks ago T-Mobile enabled the block by default on new prepaid SIMs. Even Ok Cupid was blocked, so I just went into a store and asked to get it disabled. They didn't ask my name or anything, just the phone number on the SIM and sure enough after a few minutes I could browse the Internet unrestricted.
  12. Wow! That's really cool, would you like to tell us how you managed it?
  13. What? I was speaking to him on the phone along with Thought Phreaker. We just don't have any time for it this year it seems...
  14. i thought that unlock codes were unique to each phone and/or their IMEI numbers.. but i could be wrong.. That may be the case with some, but no one ever asked for my IMEI when I got this code so I dont know to be honest. Maybe they did and I forgot it but I thought this was a universal code but i dont remember. Back in the day before SIM cards became popular (advent of HSPA/UMTS) most phones were locked either with a master code or defaults (000000 or 123456 were common), unless they took your IMEI from the billing system.
  15. Holy shit, I would have never thought such a thing existed until I heard their recording, one of those strange things that you don't have here in a smaller city.
  16. I got that toolkit to work on my license here in Newfoundland, Canada. The only clear text information that it could decode was the expiry of the license, not even my birth date which I thought was strange. So there is a good chance that the data on your card is encrypted, but the question is does Walgreen's have the decryption key to view your other information? Did the machine they used look like an actual Walgreen's computer or something from your government? -Andrew
  17. I don't recommend trying to pursue these types of things here, what you are describing sounds pretty illegal ("premium numbers", etc.) As for it actually working, try it out and let us know how it works! This community isn't about asking questions expecting responses but going and trying things out, deductive reasoning of sorts. Bonus Hint: when using Asterisk to Dial() remember not to use the 'r' option.
  18. A Saturday night/evening would be best for me as my time zone is -3:30GMT. What are your(/everyones) weekend schedules like?
  19. Here we go with another eBay list, some fun stuff I have come across in my travels: A full Meridian SL-1, sometimes used as a CLASS 5 switch A few "vintage" Northern Telecom P-Phone sets for your SL-1 Meridian 1 PBX system, still used in larger businesses Was "SUPER RARE NEW IN THE BOX" when I bought one, it is a Millennium Desktop Phone Nortel Millennium with keys DMS-100 Alarm lamp panel, might look cool on a desk Some cheap DMS-100 line cards, what each line on a DMS or remote connects to Rotary dial Northern Telecom test set It's a fancy leather wrapped Northern Telecom Contempra Search and share your own, as you can tell I am pretty well versed in Nortel stuff so someone else will have to search for other brands
  20. I can host the website on my server if you have a backup copy of the files and don't need to update it all that often. Send me an email andrew[at]
  21. An awesome job on the article and congrats on making it into Phrack I too have been away from the scene; busy with the so called "real life" that always sucks people in, occasionally getting some time to visit the forums.
  22. There is no way to obtain a copy of Millennium Manager, like TP said it is software that runs only on the Tandem NonStop Himalaya series servers (bought by Compaq, then HP.) Quortech bought the Millennium line from Nortel when they diversified their portfolio in 2000. Since Nortel was really up tight about their products, there is no documentation on the Millennium phones (other than that manual that was stolen and scanned in.) I believe that I have some pictures of the insides of a few if anyone is interested. -Andrew
  23. The voice of that recording is Allison Smith, also known as the voice of Asterisk.
  24. Bringing back the old post here are a couple from 2006/2007 when I visited Appleton in Central NL. They were taken by my first phone so I am pretty lucky I got pictures at all back then I think I have some newer pictures around somewhere too, let me see if I can find them. -Andrew
  25. I believe 310 exchanges are routed through your chosen long distance provider but can never be dialed long distance. It is as described in that old post, just a geographical number routing with the local CLEC(s). For example Greco pizza in Atlantic Canada and Quebec own 310-3030 which if you dial locally will route you to you closest Greco pizza location (if there are none around the call will not complete.) In Telus CLEC terretory they own a couple 310 numbers to route you to their call centers without the need of going through the long distance network (toll free numbers), ease them in marketing, and routing your call to the appropriate AB or BC rep (