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  1. Ok, well if this kinda nasty bizzness like Katrina is going to happen more offten what role do you guys think the hackers can play to make things better for all of us? Any ideas? for real.
  2. yeah I found it...ever done something with haste before? Yeah I'm sure you haven't, if you read a little further down you will see that I did find it.
  3. um yeah, i know, i've heard of this magical goo-gel thing, but i want to install it in Cygwin...for .... personal reasons. I think I may have found the package in the installer for make, so thank you!
  4. Muggler was this web app? that would read your machine and display what it could see in some sort I'm more 'leet than you will ever be fashion. Was this thing for real? And if so anyone know where it came from?
  5. SO i just installed Cygwin on my XP box and I have since learned that it comes with out the very important program MAKE installed. I downloaded the tar file of make, but it looks like i have to run make to get it too work!!!?!?! There are a few other files in there that look useful, but being a big no0ber I can't figure out how to use them. INSTALL Makefile.dos SMakefile can someone help me out here? Yell at me for being retarded if you want, as I think i might be here, but make sure to include the answer! all I wanna do is make tcpdump! and yes, i know it's for winblows as well, but i just want to get it running here. thanks cats.
  6. What would be some of the symptoms of a backlight malfunction?
  7. I keep seeing all these " non-functional or defective" LCD monitors on ebay and I was wondering what could be wrong with these things? Is it worth it to spend say 30-40 bux on one and try to repair it? I have a pretty basic understanding of how to repair electronics, but would these thing more often than not require a very advanced understanding? Any thoughts?
  8. I suppose it's about time I said hello on this thread as well. so there that was it. I said HI. I'm really antisocial. I'm going back under my rock. but Before i go, i wanna say that this is one of my fav. forums around! rock
  9. not so much ON hacking but more of a HACKED video... check it!!! Negative:Space - For the Record
  10. hey, so I really want to lock down one of my wireless networks, and WEP is certainly not enough. I was thinking about going with Radius, but is there another more powerful way to secure a wireless 802.11g network? Also is there a method that would be easy to allow my guests access to the network with out compromising my lockout? :punk:
  11. anyone know any fun stuff to do with or to friendster or Myspace?
  12. so what you are saying is that x86 proggies will run on macs but not the otherway? so Finalcut Pro on my IBM laptop may never be a reality? I need a 2nd opinion... anyone else???
  13. two questions... how long till this will be real? how long till this will be stable? any guesses?
  14. What kind of info gets sent back and can people block such a thing?
  15. I was just wondering if there is any truth to the idea that programs can send info back to the author or publisher with user data such as; serial numbers, computer id's, ip addresses, registration data, ect...??? Or is this just something that will be happening in the future or has been made up to scare little pirates? Also, if true wouldn't you have to agree to this somewhere??? Thanks guys, also this is my first post on this very rad board, you guys rock!