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  1. without preincluding the password of course
  2. that sounds like a hutari militia invitation man - its creepy
  3. then in the /etc/grub.d/40_custom file (xubuntu) I inserted the following entry: menuentry "Mandriva 2010" { insmod ext2 set root=(sd1,6) linux (sd1,6)/boot/vmlinuz initrd (sd1,6)/boot/initrd.img } the hdd is secondary in my laptop so i put sd1 then i receive that mandriva cannot find that partition and that it has to boot kernel but then i tried sd0 and it worked - obviously for grub the hdd is primary...
  4. update : i tried to install again mandriva - so i have this situation on my second hdd sdb: sdb5-ntfs, sdb2-xubuntu, sdb6-mandriva root, sdb7-swap, sdb8- home mandriva but the mandriva bootloader was setup on... sda- ntfs windows ! if i want to boot windows i have to choose device list, then boot second drive sdb: there at xubuntu grub fortunately there is a windows entry for the other disk, sda- windows ! if i let the computer boot on its own it boots sda --mandriva which is as said on sdb6! i know i can repair windows MBR with easyBSD, but is there a way i can sort this mess and get the two linux entries mandriva-xubuntu when i boot from sdb? without risking ofc
  5. how do i know whether grub - ubuntu is on super block (that is MBR?)
  6. I have reasons to believe the kernel panic could be from a corrupt dvd iso : i installed mandriva in another hdd and got kernel panic again... do you people think i should be ok with the grub update from ubuntu?
  7. well i installed again mandriva and put grub/lilo in the same partition (sda6 ) so i can boot from ubuntu ( sda2 ) while the grub is on MBR sda5- ntfs, sda2- ubuntu, sda6- mandriva root, sda7 swap, sda8- home mandriva then i boot normally from ubuntu and did a grub update so at the menu i see mandriva linux, but when i try to boot i receive kernel panic
  8. i have ubuntu 10.4 and tried to install mandriva 10 but after i found i couldnt get to ubuntu from bootloader - so i deleted mandriva and put back ubuntu from a clone : is there a way these two can appear on bootloader and choose between them at start up? i read something like passing the bootloader stage at mandriva set up and then go at ubuntu and make a grub update - is that ok? or i should edit the grub config file?
  9. i have the 2.6.30 kernel - i think the newest is 38? btw i noticed i have to go through 31, 32 etc before the latest
  10. I've used both 32 and 64 versions of vista business - the 64 just devours RAM - it is almost unbelievable. And your only thought is - how do I get a ssd out of this ! btw guys could you suggest what I should do in vista to boost performance and make it more like 7 ?
  11. damn i knew i'd need a quad core
  12. Has anyone managed to crack the password of a wless net without pre-including this password in the dictionary he was using? I tried a couple of really big dictionaries so far - let aircrack work for several hours (great stress test for the cpu btw), but so far nothing... what about you people?
  13. I see six different kernels in my grub menu. Are there any productive ways to use them, are they for special/emergency cases there or should i just dump them?
  14. i have already made 3 backups for my ubuntu partition - i experiment and each time i save the latest configuration - but i haven't so far recovered using the clonezilla images to see if really work- anybody done this?
  15. i found on a drawer an old mp3 player 256mb that could be used as a thumbdrive- but then i thought i could not save anything, for there could not be a casper file i use ubuntu and mint in 4g and 8g thumbs with casper and they work great