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  1. true, but to a total newbie, you still learn the way a linux system works. Every distribution has its own quirks, slackwares runlevels for example. slack is a good distribution, although i dislike the lack of packagemanagment, but very straightforward and simple. also, for a newbie, you might wanna look at ubuntu as well. makes a nice desktop distro. Installer is the default debian installer, so still the standard text based stuff that might intimidate some users, but other then that it gives you a nice gnome desktop system.
  2. Im kinda into the dish scene, not too much to directv since the p4 card. Im just looking for some more technical info.. like there are some smart card dumps out people are dissassembling, and stuff like that.
  3. eventhough u are a novice, i'd still recomend gentoo for a few reasons if you need something that youre gonna use for a straight forward purpose, gentoo fits because you choose what to emerge in, you dont get the bloat you would with redhat or mandrake. The community support rocks. forums.gentoo.org is an amazing resource. And finally, you'll learn a lot more about the inner workings of a linux system which is always a good thing. (although if you didnt wanna dive so deep into the inner workings, you could just do a stage 3 install with grp, but thats no fun!) at any rate, good luck in ur cracking
  4. just satellite stuff in general. satellite radio, satellite internet, satellite tv, direct tv, c-band, smartcards used for security, etc... btw, its spelled Qa'pla
  5. I was just currious if anyone on here is into satellite stuff at all. Not the "oooh i wanna get free hbo" type stuff, but really understanding the different encryption methods. Im kind of a noob when it comes to most encryption standards, but i have a decent grasp of nagravision. Anyways, just wondering if anyone here knows anything about sattelite encryption technology and would like to share some info.