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  1. I haven't been on in a while, been busy with real life. I would say try changing it and let us know. The worst that can happen is that the server gives you an error and disallows the action and gives an out of sync warning. I say go for it. You do not think they will see that someone opened up the presents early and then lock me out of my farm for good, because I was changing gamesettings file?
  2. Caesurus, have you changed the open date of the presents under the tree? I do not know if I should do that, so I was wondering what your take on that is.
  3. Don't waste your time with the chicken coop, The server again maintains the stats. Things that you can do by modifying the gamesettings.xml file (and not getting a sync error) are: Fuel costs, Harvester/Seeder/Tractor grid size, Avatar size/walkspeed etc... Zoom sizes I have messed with just about everything in the file. I use Privoxy for search and replace rules eg: FILTER: farmville_scale Do avatarScale modification s/avatarScale="0.5"/avatarScale="0.8"/g FILTER: farmville_walk Make walking faster s/walkSpeed="120"/walkSpeed="10"/g FILTER: farmville_energy Do energy mod s/<energyCost>1/<energyCost>0/g FILTER: farmville_SizeXY Do Size mod for Tractor/Seeder/Harvester s/<actionSizeX>2/<actionSizeX>40/g s/<actionSizeY>2/<actionSizeY>40/g Now, I just got locked out of my farmville account I have one additional hack that isn't as easy. It lets you farm way outside of your normal farmland boundaries. The messaging between the client and server are AMF. I did some man-in-the-middle packet modification to modify the amount of land the server tells the client it has. My land was 256x256, each plowed land square takes up 4 'steps', so that's a farm land of 64x64 farm-able land. I think I made a mistake by planting outside of the 256 boundary and now the server won't initialize my user anymore (error 500, internal server error) :S (LOL, it's pretty comical). So, here it is. I've attached the hacked proxy. <edit>Also here: It's a recompiled version of privoxy to do the hack. Uncompress the zip, run privoxy.exe, setup your browser to use proxy settings port 8118. And load farmville I'll share the code with whoever wants it, it's modified GPL code and so I can't keep it to myself anyway. Word of caution. If you increase your harvester/tractor/seeder to something very large (like mine: 40x40), then be prepared to wait a while for the client to finish syncing with the server. The client sends 10 actions to the server at a time, and can take a couple of seconds between messages, so that it can take a couple of minutes to farm the 1600 squares . Also, don't expect this to work too long. I expect that they will fix this fairly quickly. It's a simple fix on the server side of things. Thanks for the land expansion tip. There is one setting I have found that can be changed that you did not list. That is changing the limit of 1 chicken coop to as many as you want. I have been able to buy about 10 extra coops, after which I stopped buying. Each coop posts a white mystery egg, so I thought why not change that to a gold egg. It will of course come up with an out of sync error and refresh and then go back to normal, but the gold egg will already be posted for people to get. Is there no possible way to do this, since it is all server side?
  4. You think farmville is a waist of time, but you have time to spam threads?
  5. I have been changing the game settings file and not had much luck. Only thing that I think does not cause out of sync is changing fuel consumption for vehicles, crop harvest time, and speed. There might be more, but I have not found any. One thing I need help understanding is <item name="chickencoop" type="building" className="ChickenCoopBuilding" subtype="animal_pens" buyable="true" giftable="false" placeable="true" code="CC"> <requiredLevel>1</requiredLevel> <cost>5000</cost> <limit>1</limit> <substituteItem>chicken</substituteItem> <sizeX>5</sizeX> <sizeY>3</sizeY> <harvestItemChance>0.015</harvestItemChance> <storageSize>1</storageSize> <capacity>20</capacity> <storageType itemClass="animal"> <itemName>chicken</itemName> <itemName>chicken_brown</itemName> <itemName>chicken_black</itemName> <itemName>chicken_gold</itemName> </storageType> <defaultItem amount="1" name="chicken" /> <actionText>Eggs</actionText> <growTime>1</growTime> <image name="built_1_0" url="assets/buildings/building_chickencoop.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="built_1_1" url="assets/buildings/building_chickencoop.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="built_1_2" url="assets/buildings/building_chickencoop.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="built_1_3" url="assets/buildings/building_chickencoop.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="built_1_4" url="assets/buildings/building_chickencoop.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="icon" url="assets/buildings/building_chickencoop_icon.png" /> If you change limit, grow time, or capacity you get an out of sync error. I have tried changing the <harvestItemChance>0.015</harvestItemChance>, which is all I really want to do, but it does not seem to be working. Can someone please help me figure out how to change the harvest chance so that it is 100% guarantee that each harvest gets a mystery egg. Also one more question. Each time you put a new coop down it comes with a chicken in it and a white mystery egg to share. I changed the white chicken to gold, which made it go out of sync. I want to change the white mystery egg found in new coops to a gold one, but I do not know what to change to get that to happen.
  6. I know I am most likely going to be of no help, since I do not know much about hacking and code, but through a glitch in the game I think I might have an idea. Someone who is good with code will have to do all of that stuff, but here is my idea. From what I can understand so far you are having trouble since the server keeps being out of sync and the hack will only work on your farm, but will not updated back to the farmville server. There are two glitches I have found that might be of use. There is a limit of 1 chicken coop, bur there is a way around that. If you have no coops and leave the buy screen open on your farm and then accept a coop as a gift from a friend you can have two coops. When you accept the gift your farm updates and it goes in your gift box, but the farm you have open in the other window is the version of the farm before the update. This allows you to buy the coop and then place the coop onto your farm. Another glitch I found was items that are locked can be sent as a gift. The only problem is those items are giftable=false in the game settings. So if that was changed somehow, we could gift to other people for free and it would not matter if our farm went out of sync or did not update the change. I think that could also work with items you find on your farm and post on the feeds to share with your neighbors. I hope someone who knows a lot about code and hacking can use my suggestion. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck