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  1. hey, im going to be adding a test-number search to my site, so if anyone has anything, post it here or something so i can add numbers. i might accept other phoneco related numbers too, but it depends, so if you have any cool numbers (not pbx's pr0n or anything, i mean telco related crap) post em here or pm them to me, and add your name if you want credit. edit: itll be searching by area code until i can code up one that searches test type. therefore, numbers should be formatted as NPA:NXX-XXXX Testtype i.e. 914:732-8211 ANAC (to make it easier on me adding them)
  2. What the hell is even going on in here? We need Natas and Strom to come hang out now.
  3. I think what your talking about is... Sometimes if you dial a phone number you'll hear a carrier on the other end. 99% of the time they are shown dialing into that number. I believe its something to do with VPN's.
  4. pretty fuckin' cool. good find bro.
  5. youve got to be kidding me dude, why would anyone say that 10.4.1 would be the most stable release? JaS 10.4.8 SsE2/SsE3 AMD/INTEL is the most stable release out there right now. and all this bitching about not recognizing ps/2 devices, im using a ps/2 mouse and keyboard right now.
  6. PLA

    the damn PLA switched my newborn child with a cactus in the middle of the night. stay away from those guys, nothing but trouble.
  7. yooo guys, whats going on...i re-found my scanner after moving, and im pretty much in the boonies now. so how would i go about finding freqs out here?ive searched the interweb trying to find frequencies and i cant find crap.
  8. k, so me and my homey otto noticed that you can change the number on the end and check out everyones bulletins, doesnt matter if they are your friend or not so yeah. have fun replying to random peoples dumb bulletins.
  9. well...theres a circle from the broken glass inside [i think theres glass inside] some white space, a black dot in the middle, and red dead pixels inside. can it be fixed? im pissed the fuck offfff right now i love this monitor so much
  10. Hmm i might of just found a new toy. :devil: hey man did you get anything cool from that number? i havnt called it or anything.
  11. yeah, i expected better from them. where did they get these retarded terms from?
  12. google.
  13. you need a hacked xbox1 to mod in halo...
  14. wow, dr^death, youre a very patient man.
  15. ive heard that too...anyone have an idea on what makes this "work?" i find it hard to beleive.
  16. i dont like the 2600 irc at all... way too...cruel, haha. :cry:
  17. yooo, germ, from 409???
  18. i think decoder happened.
  19. what is this projectmf madness????
  20. hmm why are you making a blue box? you know that they are pretty much obsolete now right
  21. kik wtf just happened
  22. im paranoid, but something about this seems to scream "Fed" at me...but i dont know why? either way, i dont think its possible without dropping lots of $$ on equipment. i say that to say this: i know nothing about radio.
  23. HOW DO YOU FIND THESE THINGS!"1/1/1/`/`/1/dsfs seriously?
  24. sweet.