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  1. Hi all, been a while. I was reading through some threads on here earlier today and after reading a comment about reading/writing code is better then reading a textbook on code. I thought well I wonder if there is a compiler or program (I'm not sure if it would be classified as a compiler) that can run code and show you what is making what happen. So the code that is being executed is highlighted when executed. Which also made me wonder whether you can decompile(?) an already made program to look at the code. I know it is an option with open source programs but I think that code is just available on a website not that you can pull the program apart to look at it. I was also wondering about AI once again and interested in whether anyone knows of any open source AI. And or just AI programs that are available to use and thus decomplie if that is possible. So I can learn that way how to create my own AI. So any ideas would be appreciated as this might be a better way for me to learn. I might post another post describing how I am and what is going on with me which may explain why I haven't learnt shit when it comes to actually knowing how to program ever since I joined here about 3 or 4 years ago. I might also share some other thoughts/ideas I've had philosophy wise etc. Once shared my thoughts here before and got some quite interesting replies which I look forward to getting again. Thanks everyone.
  2. Anyone have any idea how to activate the debugger so it shows what script is activating when my code is running in Eclipse Helios version 3.2. It has to be 3.2 as that has the Stanford libraries in it for the course I'm doing. Thanks.
  3. It's interesting, I liked the old black and green more though. And yes I know I can make the new theme black and green but it doesn't look quite right, and everything seems oversized and not in the right place. Although I'll wait and see if it improves or changes. Edit:Woah Paradox looks different. Looks quite good...
  4. Someone willing to help me out learning to code in Java?

  5. i mean like pseudo-intelligence, like you dont have to actually try to replicate a brain, emulating thought processes nd such, to have an "ai" that could reply to phrases and questions. i would think it would be possible just doing a vocabulary and grammar thing. unlike the science fiction "ai" which is like, trying to recreate emotions and ect. Technically your idea of pseudo-intelligence is what now comes under artificial intelligence. Ever heard of the Turing Test? If not: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test Large/little (take your pick) excerpt from the above link: The Turing test is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour, equivalent to or indistinguishable from, that of an actual human. In the original illustrative example, a human judge engages in a natural language conversation with a human and a machine designed to generate performance indistinguishable from that of a human being. All participants are separated from one another. If the judge cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to have passed the test. The test does not check the ability to give the correct answer; it checks how closely the answer resembles typical human answers. The conversation is limited to a text-only channel such as a computer keyboard and screen so that the result is not dependent on the machine's ability to render words into audio. The Turing Test has been a large basis of the artificial intelligence world and main goal. Although now thanks to technology the world is branching out into many different directions of artificial intelligence. I can give you some examples if you want. Edit: Might as well add is anyone able to help me out while I learn Java. If you have Steam add me under Powermaniac. Check out the programming section if you want to know about what the problem is in more depth.
  6. Thanks guys. The day I posted this I asked a guy I've got added on Steam this same question and was given a similar answer. Although he pointed me in the direction of Stanfords free Java Programming course which I've started doing. It has been the least convoluted course yet and well explained and thus the easiest to follow. Now I shall go explain why I've had trouble learning in the past and why I'm still finding it hard now.
  7. Been a while. Why do I keep letting myself leave this place for so long then return again...Hmm.

  8. Hi all, Take this as a theoretical situation. Okay well you are connected to a network that is connected to the internet, this is a wired connection. You can get the ip address of the gateway/modem that you are connected to. You do not know the modem username and password, and you need that to be able to get the networks connection password so other computers can be connected. That you need to connect to the network. You can also work out what brand the modem (but not model) is by going to its gateway page which then prompts you with the username password to mess around with the settings. You don't have access to the modem, so there is no prospect of resetting it. You can not install software on the computer you have network access with, but you can onto a usb or hdd or cd etc. You can also run a live distro of any form off a usb or cd. You also can't download anything to use. You can only bring programs installed on your usb/hdd/cd the next day if needed. Now how do you get the modem username and password? Recently came across a problem like this and wasn't able to get in via the defaults so was wondering if there is password cracker of some sort that would actually work... Thanks for any replies, Powermaniac.
  9. Hey guys, The main question is does anyone know of a way to get a domain for free? Not able to find any information that is accurate and actually answers my question when googling it, all just useless non-sense. The other question that then accompanies it is does anyone know how to make a custom email address so the @gmail or @hotmail etc. is @power instead or anything you wish the @youraddress to be? Any info on the above would be appreciated. Thanks Powermaniac.
  10. Hey all, Another theoretical situation. This time I want to know from the members what and how you would hack a Macintosh computer or infect it with a virus or trojan or whatever you wish. The point of this is just to be able to explain to someone when they say Macintosh computers don't get viruses in particular but also just for general security risks that exist in Macintosh computers and the OS itself. So basically come up with anyway to attack a Macintosh computer and explain the steps in detail. I myself don't have access to a Macintosh computer to test it out with anyway but oh well, still something I find interesting, especially if someone can give evidence to a virus that can infect a Macintosh, supposedly none around that can, or are known to have inffected a Macintosh. Anyway, any replies are appreciated. Thanks, Powermaniac.
  11. Funny just after asking this question I've come across on multiple sites I've visited reports of Macintosh viruses on the rise, among other similar reports.
  12. Edit: Wait that post above is very suspicious. Telling someone to download Nav32...That is spyware...And isn't available just anywhere to download. The fact you typed "echo" is stupid also, who are you trying to fool.
  13. True...I tried setting up NMap recently and I swear it looks different compared to what it once looked like and I had it setup and open...Now I have no idea how to set it up... And I don't really have the time to be reading through the entire setup =\ I would first of all try zenmap which is just a gui for nmap. insecure.org will help you out. Interesting maybe that was what I downloaded the first time... Although I remember the site where I downloaded this program it had a mention to movies that actually used there program, usually involving hacking of some sort. ...People seem to like down repping me without supplying a reason why. Should add a tag line asking to be down repped so it reverses and gets me up reps hahahaa. I like explanations as to why so I can then explain myself...
  14. True...I tried setting up NMap recently and I swear it looks different compared to what it once looked like and I had it setup and open...Now I have no idea how to set it up... And I don't really have the time to be reading through the entire setup =\
  15. I do not wish to be a pain but could you guys explain the steps in more detail...Some of what is being said is going over my head and I would appreciate it if they were explained a bit more... Say with the software you can download to do it what are the steps to setup and perform to do this particular task. Just curious is all, although this is something I could test. Wouldn't really achieve anything exactly seeing as it says it is connected to the network but the browser doesn't connect to the internet for whatever reason -.-...Something odd though it didn't prompt me for a username and password to log onto the network...Hmm. Thanks guys for the replies so far.
  16. And just a bit extreme... This comes with an uninstaller that also has a 'shredder' feature which you can do to DOD standards which deletes and overwrites the file 7 times or the overkill method which does it 35 times... Just have to right click the file and click shredder then choose your desired deletion method. Edit: The link takes you to http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcareper.html which is a system cleaner basically. Or you could try CCleaner as nyphonejacks suggests, I used to use it but it kept deleting certain registry files I actually needed and would thus fuck my system until I reinstalled whatever driver was missing the file, usually graphics drivers. This link here might also be of some interest: https://ssd.eff.org/tech/deletion
  17. Whoever down repped this does realise those OSes above are security based and Liberte Linux, Privatix, Odebian and Tails all run anonymity features for browsing the internet, while Tails also can be run through RAM only thus when you are finished and turn off the computer everything you did is wiped... It may not be directly related to the Anon OS you are talking about but I thought it might still be of interest.
  18. Found a tut for it. I adjusted it both in my bois and core temp(set core temp to shut down at 81C.) Thanks for the pointers. I put some strain on my processor today, i ran BF3 maxxed. The cpu hit a max for 61 (when the game was starting up) and idled in game around 47-53. I feel like this is stock cooler range, but as long as im in safe range and productive range, i dont mind. If you want a good stress tester go download Prime95. Stable version available here. Some explanations on the different tests you can run and what they do. There are a couple other stress testers but they have left my mind at the moment. If I think of them will post back here.
  19. Thanks for the help!!! I re did the thermal compound and was very clean about it. Here id my new screen shot ( i also turned my cpu cooler fan speed up a smidge). That good?? That looks a lot better, seems like the normal temps now. Mine varies in the 20s-30s depending on room temperature and what services are running in the background. Running a i5 2500k by the way.
  20. There are a few other Anon OSes that are mentioned on Tails's website, they include: Liberté Linux Ubuntu Privacy Remix Privatix Odebian Tails also being another Anon OS. Check those out if you want to Bottom of this page contains links to the other Oses
  21. Hi all, So far no one has asked my other inquiry, so since then I've thought of another question that is similar and may be more helpful if there is an answer to this then with encryption and keeping an eye on if anyone is monitoring you and if so who they are. So the question is, is there anyway to securely and or anonymously browse the internet. I'm talking so when people look at records you either appeared to be doing nothing or just being on the sites you are normally or just never being recorded as though you do not exist. Just an interesting thought, although I doubt it is possible because your ISP records your internet data, the government watches what you do (Although not sure about here in Australia and there resources and capabilities), then you have the browsers that are owned by the big technology companies that record what you browse like Google, then Google and Bing recording your searches and data mining it. Anyway any information, replies etc. are appreciated. Thanks
  22. LOL Serrath at your comment. Anyway, yeah I've read the Hackers Manifesto a couple times now. I like it but there are bits I disagree with at times. I will go read it again and highlight the bits I disagree with.
  23. First off, it doesn't seem you've joined AtomicMPC...=\ Besides that though I know cleaning alchohol is the best thing you can use to clean electronics with. Secondly thermal paste like this is one of the best you can buy, Arctic Silver is known to be one of the best thermal paste makers around. Secondly considering you don't seem to have joined AtomicMPC and asked around there these same questions just for the sake of it, I myself might ask in there for you and find out the normal temperatures for that CPU and max temps.
  24. How long has this been happening for. It may actually be caused by an update itself. Recently had an issue with Windows 7 a while back that it updated and BSODed while it did so. So then the computer started BSODing and I assumed it was those updates fully installed them afterwards and all was well... Too bad it came back though...Seemed to be a Catalyst Control Driver from AMD so had to revert that and so far it is okay...Although it did BSOD yesterday but that had something to do with me using CCleaner... That's an idea try CCleaner and delete all the shit that builds up from Chrome and the Registry, although be prepared to reinstall your drivers with updated versions again because it can sometimes delete important things in the Registry and cause BSODs...But it is somewhat good. Also try AusLogics Defragmenter which is a lot better then say Windows degragmenter oh and optimise it not just defragment the drive. Otherwise you don't have a Linux Variation that you could install and see if it is just your hardware and not just software slowing things down? Although it may just be Windows XP =\ or just a gathering of old invalid registry files and things running in the background or just a collection of files on the disc. Wait that might be of interest what size is this HDD and how full is it, note the fuller a HDD gets the slower it gets, yes it begins to slow down?
  25. This is the problem if I don't direct Command Prompt to the directory containing my code: javac: file not found: example.java Usage: javac <options> <source files> use -help for a list of possible options After typing C:\Users\Powermaniac>"javac example.java" (the part in "" was what I typed but that is what it looked like in full. So that is why I'm kind of confused...As to where I'm supposed to put the code, javac seems to work but I have to direct command propmt to the location of my coding I want it to convert to bytecode and then direct java to the bytecode that I want to be compiled/run (run? displays what I want it to say...so run or compiled?)...