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  1. No offence and I'm sorry if I offended anyone but this thread might as well be locked because of simple misunderstandings and I do not wish this to become an argument. I shall just wait patiently for a Moderator or StankDawg to pm me as it seems StankDawg is the creator of this forum.
  2. I know you are not here to hack girlfriends hotmail accounts how ridiculous. And I'm not trying to rent-a-hacker at all. I think there has been some misunderstanding. I would still appreciate it if either a moderator contacted me directly via a private message or the administrator but since I've checked the administrator hasn't been active in a long time I don't think that is a viable option.
  3. Okay that is unusual what part of that is illegal it is my post? I can prove it to you if I must...? I've read a lot of posts of this forum especially ones on the fact you don't do things that are illegal well most of the time besides some of the questionable ones in the other sections. Besides there were still other things I would like to discuss with the administrator. I am in no way wanting to break the law in my country or anywhere for that matter. That is not something I'm trying to achieve. If you also wish I can link you to multiple threads that are subtly hinting at doing something illegal or are just outright illegal as far as I understand but it may just be me misunderstanding. Some of these posts though are from a fair while back but still exist in the first page of particular sections of this site. Oh one of the reasons behind wanting to talk to the administrator is you probably noticed the thread with the title "Warning Do Not Trust Anyone". Well it has a good point and who else better to ask then the boss of the Moderators?
  4. Thanks Tekio you might be able to answer one of my questions though. Or more my request for some help. Which is are you able to hack a forum to delete a post I created nothing of importance I actually ask for it to be deleted by for some reason they won't or don't know how to. My link Under my normal username and it still hasn't been deleted so its there is a way to hack delete it would be much appreciated... =D Or some advice on how I could possibly delete it. Thank you Powermaniac
  5. Thanks for that reply. Anyway whoever is currently the administrator would you please contact me via pm.
  6. Hi all, Haven't been on here for a long while most of you probably won't remember me. Okay I was seeing if anyone might be able to help me out. The thing is if you know Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 you will know there is loads of hacks. The problem is I am one of those people who hate it when people hack games, it ruins the challenge and point of it. Now today I had the small problem of I joined a normal server and it was hacked shot my gun once not knowing and it put me up to the highest level. Now I can't go back or reset it. What I remembered though is there maybe a way to hack it to put it back to what I had before. So does anyone have the knowledge or power to help me either hack it back to normal or just reset it somehow or find a hack where I could already do that. Thanks Powermaniac7
  7. Well no one has answered and I have found a solution to my own problem and fixed it. Thank you all anyway but looks like everything is good to go. Except for the little bit of I have every killstreak oh well...
  8. Ok mainly i want to know what i can do with my friends IP addresses. I also want to know if there is a way around firewalls when using tracert because it always cancels it out and I know its because of firewalls. Thanks Powermaniac7
  9. Ok I have heard you need a variation of Linux such as Ubuntu for programming/hacking. I am wondering what you think is the best one to use especially considering I am new to Linux and haven't used it before. I tried installing Ubuntu using the CD method and have had so many problems with it e.g. the build-essential packages not working off of the CD and then when I redownloaded them off the net them didn't work once again. So anyone got suggestions/ideas to help me out I would appreciate it. Also if it is able to be installed off of a USB that would be great and alot easier thanks. Oh forgot one thing I also would like it if I was able to keep windows and my programs/games still on my computer so I have two separate OS. And it doesn't have to be a Linux based OS just any OS like Solaris (whatever that is?).
  10. Link scroll down the page and your questions shall be answered.
  11. Powermaniac my version of a powermonger just better. Not sure where the 7 came from though......

  12. Yes I he compiled and run my first "Hello World" program and messed around with it to say other stuff. I compiled it with some program I found off of HackThisSite.org in their useful stuff. Oh and yes I have read all that. I've also been doing some online hacking on HackThisSite.org and yes you don't really need to know much about programming for it. Although it seems knowing HTML and Javascript and such are helpful. I'm up too basic challenge 6 in which I'm just wondering how too decrypt it.
  13. Hmmm interesting replys thanks. Might look into VMWare see what it is like. Although can I use C++ on it. I've discovered also that I may not need Linux at all because I was searching through tools and programs on HackThisSite.org and found a C++ compiler for windows. So now I am using that instead which is quite easy to get up and running and understand. Thanks anywayz eveyone.
  14. I just went on a wild adventure trying to work out how to remove Ubuntu which had errors on it and being able to load normally back into Windows xp. The stupid GRUB loader wasn't letting me get back into Windows xp once Ubuntu was gone so I had to reinstall Ubuntu which let everything work again. I then got BootItNG because this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113630 said I could use it to get rid of Ubuntu and put it all back to normal. Now I can load straight back into Windows xp YAY. So fun and terrifying adventure that but i think I will wait till I've got another computer I can use too put a Linux on. Or I know a bit more about this stuff.
  15. Ok I am 14 I have always found the idea of hacking to be awesome. Although everytime I looked for info I never really got anything or instead got more directed towards programming which didn't help. I found this site: http://www.puremango.co.uk/2004/12/how_to_hack_79/ which I though was great and found as many of the books mentioned off the net. Then I started reading them and realised I needed UNIX or Linux which I don't have or understand what exactly it is. So I also discovered I will need the net. Which I have a separate computer of my own that isn't connected to the internet that I was going to use which again stuffed it all up completely. So I'm on facebook and I searched hacking and found a group (-haCking-) which brought me to here. So yeah now I just need help and this looks like a good place to start because I can get actual answers from people and ask more questions etc. What I need is help in learning hacking on a windows xp computer without the net thankyou.
  16. So can I use C++ in this and is it going to be more confusing then using Ubuntu or just straight out Linux? Oops forgot something I don't have the net on the computer that I am going to install the new OS on for learning to hack/program.
  17. I don't really know anything to do with Linux or the many versions of Linux I'm a newbie to hacking and have just heard I need Linux or something like that. So I just wanted to know which one does everyone find to be the best or they prefer or whatever because I don't really care which one. All I care is I can somewhat easily use it and easily use it to hack and learn to hack. Oh and be able to use C++.
  18. I'm not sure why it didn't work Ubuntu can't find the build-essential file I think I've must of got the wrong one can anyone point me in the right direction in getting them? thanks Ok it seems Ubuntu didn't install and burn correctly to the CD or my computer so now I am thinking stuff using the CD I'm going to install Ubuntu off of my USB drive. Hopefully this works because I'm getting to the point of giving up. Or does anyone recommend any other OS that are good for hacking/programming?
  19. Hit a wall the build essentials file and any other files to do with C++ doesn't work on the CD. I tried downloading the files off the Ubuntu site and they didn't seem to work either because it still can't find the build-essentials file. Anyone got a link or something to the build-essential file/s for Ubuntu?
  20. Ok I was going to start learning C++ as you've probably already noticed. The thing is in Ubuntu is there a command prompt or something I type sudo apt-get install build-essential to get it working? And if using Ubuntu do I have to have the net connected to that computer to be able to open/access/run C++?
  21. Wait, wait, wait if a can do it in windows why did I install Ubuntu? I thought that was the whole point install Ubuntu to use C++ in there?
  22. Okay I've installed Ubuntu and now I'm wondering how do I access and type code into C++ because isn't there something you open so you can type into it like command prompt or something like that? Or can I type into anything and just use a compiler even though I'm not quite sure what a compiler is? So yes how do I access C++?
  23. Its the female robot from the "Sarah Conor Chronicles" pretty good show that

  24. Ok off to download and install Ubuntu while also using partition master to have windows and my games/programs also. Time to learn some C++ once I've installed Ubuntu with the learn "C++ in 21 days". Thanks again everyone for the informative information.
  25. Thankyou umm is there any possible way to have Linux on my computer without getting rid of my programs/games on windows and yes keeping windows also? I've already kind of realized there is no one way to hack. The kinda hacking I like the idea of is probably websites/networks as in the whole idea of how that guy in England hacked into the Pentagon. Which I didn't even think was possible but he sure did prove me wrong and has kinda inspired me more. Ok probably the noobiest thing I will ever say where can I actually download C++. I looked before and downloaded it but it seem to have messed up and be like adobe photo editor or something I don't know what happen.