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  1. That link is now broken it directs me to a sale on remote control helicopters...That are widely available over the net and in shops here in Australia.
  2. I'm finding this very interesting but for some reason my mind seems to be blanking out on what exactly you can use these for. So could you explain some of the functions it could be used for please?
  3. Holy shit... Considering this it made me think about the fact I know another way to gain access. One of the ways with any touch phone is if someone unlocks there phone and puts in down without touching it again. If you then get it you can discover what they pressed with say flour sprinkled on it then tilted upside down to shake off the parts that don't stick. This will work with the Android system mainly because you only need two chances to work out where the starting point was for the pattern, whereas with iPhones you have to work out the order each number was pressed, so possible but having only 5 chances limits your sucess. Or if you have the tech check the heat signature for what was pressed and in what order.
  4. I came across this email I had received a while back and thought it might be of interest to this project. Well the article that my email linked to. http://jjshortcut.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/the-beginning-of-my-domotica-controlled-room/
  5. Hey all, Was just going through the android market placee as I realised there might be a app that does programming tutorials. I came across this app as I searched tutorials called Hackers Handbook developd by Black Hatter which is flr sale at $7 or $8 not sure which. Anyway didn't buy it but it lists its recent updates and what was added. These additions included "how to crack WEP and WPA" along with how to hack facebook and school security. It has me wondering how it is allowed to be for sale in the GOOGLE android market. I can't link to it because I am typing this on my phone... Anyway it looks like it contains some malicious content. Thoughts?
  6. Yes I know most forms of hacking that are malicious are usually black hat hacking forms or what some hackers call cracking not hacking. Just most of the population of the world understand hacking to be doing something illegal thanks to news articles stating that hackers stole this information or shut down some site. As I've read on this site to do with what hacking truly is and what cracking is etc. http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html
  7. Considering I seem to be out of the loop I shall just continue reading updates in this thread to see where it is going...
  8. True StankDawg, I sometimes make that mistake, doesn't help I new a lot of people my age that if given any information about ways to get around security they would use it for illegal purposes or breaking rules with the school they were attending. Whereas I was just interested in how well the system was locked down and seeing if there were any holes and whether they had left open a simple way to make oneself administrator through command prompt, not that there ever was. Bias is constantly in peoples minds thanks to there experiences, too bad it can affect your life negatively.
  9. Woah major spam, that also links that email address to his name, address, everything creepy.
  10. Haha thanks StankDawg yes it does. Most people I imagine buying that app would be for using it to achieve illegal things such as stealing identities, using it to gain access to private information etc etc.
  11. Okay it does contain the electronic relay component I was thinking of...I can't think of the use of this that you couldn't do with some self written program unless you are wanting to interact with something physical you want to switch on/off (note on/off could apply to multiple scenarios). Or you could use an ardruino board with a mictocontroller that you have programmed to activate/deactivate something or multiple things depending on what you are connecting it to and how big it can be etc.
  12. Sounds like Windows is being a pain in the ass again for no particular reason, unless it is hardware related. On that note would you mind listing your system specifications maybe some references on the net to your motherboard having a screwy eSATA port. Reminds me of the fact my gold plated usb connected keyboard occasionally doesn't power up when my computer does -.- and I've had this problem with two motherboards now and with my mouse which also has a gold plated usb connector. Damn technology being so helpful but having so many possible problems and slight variations etc etc =( but I love it so lol.
  13. Relays that are used in electronics? That are like a switch but when activated switch on and hold there as long as it has an electric current applied or some other form of relay? Such as a phone relay that relays information and recorded sentences to do with advertising and or sending out a particular recorded message? If it is the former then I may be able to help, latter not so much...
  14. Just the subject of some of the things such as hacking Facebook is not something this forum permits discussing because of it being illegal to do so. Thats why it came across as malicious in content.
  15. Okay it isn't a bot but a hired spammer -.- The guy seems nice enough though, although it could just be a visage but as long as he gets rid of the spam I have no reason to judge him considering I don't even know him. Anyway I forgot you guys could find people so easily...Dare I ask how you did that or was it just a google search of the spammers email address?
  16. Odd sounds like Windows being its usual screwy self. I've had things not be recognized before with windows and be because of lack of drivers that you didn't know you needed or the port you are using is screwy. You could try dual booting a variation of linux say Ubuntu and seeing if that can recognize/access it or if you know of someone with a computer borrow there's and check on that. Some computers/ports/OS's have random conflicts with particular devices for no real reason whatsoever so try it on another computer. Anyway good luck.
  17. Hi all, Recently I was watching an article on the a current affairs in Australia here and they were talking about the fact there's a chip in your phone that is the same as the one you have on your credit cards. This chip will be used to have your phone as the credit card instead giving you the ability to use your phone with particular Eftpos machines at stores. The problem I see with it is people have the ability to steal your credit card information by making card readers which they hide over ATM machines. This in a way makes it easier for black hat hackers in that they maybe able to intercept the signal from your phone to the eftpos machine and then decrypt it giving them your card details. But it maybe even easier then intercepting the message from the phone to the eftpos machine with the amount people are now using the internet on there phones along with trusting anything that is in the Google market place etc. Giving an easy doorway into your phone and your details. Things are becoming easier to do with technology so we only have to have one item on us but its opening up an easy way to steal all of your information. Anyway thoughts on this? Powermaniac
  18. Hey all, A fair while back now considering the 'crime' was committed in 2002 but a man living in England at the time with autism managed to hack into the pentagon and multiple other US defence networks on his search for any publicly hidden information on aliens. The fact that he supposedly achieved the on a 56k dial-up modem along with knowing how to has always made me wonder with the fact the Pentagon and its infamous title of being so secure. Yes I also think it was rather silly he is now serving a life sentence thanks to committing this crime but he has autism, I know multiple people with autism the fact he could achieve that is amazing and then be jailed for it is just stupid. Anyway I have a link if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about and wants me to verify what I'm talking about. You can find multiple others if you look it up too. Linky Link Thanks Powermaniac
  19. What unusual timing... @jfalcon yes I know things are drastically changed since then but I was still curious thanks to the pentagons infamous name as being impenetrable in a sense. @nyphonejacks you avoid .gov sites entirely, assuming you are in the United States of America I might be also. Seems they have far too many people checking through everything said on the internet other there since 9/11. I would be worried about walking around some of the major cities considering there are cameras everywhere...and thanks to the show Person of Interest which is a possibilty but not yet (a computer calculates the most likely person to die next by capturing expressions and voice tone and things spoken).
  20. The companies making these chips that are supposedly secure never seem to realise that the people who would try to hack into said device are not stupid. Soon end up in a world so highly advanced in technology, where we shall have people who are millionaires thanks to them hacking into systems and taking money, information, redirecting objects to them. Could be very interesting the list of powerful people in the world could suddenly change into being all the smart computer nerds. So much of the public is oblivious to the fact they are at a constant risk of being hacked over the net and multiple other ways. Something for us to keep in mind when these chips become popular and to stick to credit cards as overall in some ways it is just safer.
  21. Hi again, Well I can't remember how I came across this, I may have been looking up something to do with artificial intelligence or the singularity, either way I found it. It is a robot that is using an algorithm that gives it the ability to learn new tasks. Yes at the moment it can only learn small things but it also has the ability to communicate to other SOINN robots over the internet and ask it how to do an unknown tasks. If the algorithm/programming is improved upon and it is given better hardware something quiet amazing might be built out of it. If anyone finds the algorithm on the net in english I think we would all find it interesting. And here is a link to do with the article and the main site representing the Japanese company making this robot. Article Company Site Powermaniac
  22. That is very interesting gives an actual good reason behind why the US so badly wanted to arrest him. They should of realised it wouldn't be very likely many people would believe him anyway which is sad because of people judging others who have mental disabilities. I have this thought at the back of my head saying I will have people keeping track of my internet browsing now haha. If they have enough people to be watching me then why are they wasting there resources...Goes off on an imaginary argument with myself. So no one actually knows how he would of hacked the actual network to even get this information? There would of had to of been a internet page connected to there main servers which is kind of stupid, no? Considering that is a maybe secure but still a gateway to there confidential information. For a second there I read over my first post and though I didn't actually ask this question then noticed the title... @serrath I hope we can continue to get along in the future. Thanks for the replies so far Powermaniac
  23. I've heard of hackers being picky about people writing correctly but seriously this picky. It is the internet I may of made some mistakes big deal the internet is full of far worse such as people writing what some people think as abbreviations like btw, ppl, hav, nw, jking. I live in a country that also uses the English's style of writing so you may also find mistakes that aren't wrong where I come from, so do not ever insult me or try to tell me I need to learn how to write correctly. I expected more from this community but maybe it is just you serrath. It is not like I am writing a real letter or essay or document that would be published.
  24. Your request comes across as questionable considering it is your first post ever on this forum. Anyway as Afterm4th said the best way to give you administrative access is to restore the system using a Windows 7 install CD or obtain a Windows 7 iso and burn it to a disc. Keep in mind the administrator will realise if you have changed anything because of the fact the password and original administrator username will no longer exists or be changed.
  25. I believe nyphonejacks linked you to the chip I was thinking of. It was also recently on Popular Science. Although I don't remember that many phones having it, I'm sure it was only particular phones Google has made and released, that is why it came up in Popular Science the fact that it may actually be used now for something such as acting as your credit card. So no one else can see the risk smart-phones pose to civilians. Recently it was either the CIA or FBI that had someone working for them state that they are working/wanting to make a separate internet and smart-phones that are not hackable. So people military personnel don't have to carry around there ridiculously large phones that are connected to secure phone lines. This was because of the fact some people were still using ordinary phones for conversations that are classified because they didn't like the ridiculously large phones and keep there new smart-phones on them more often. Just some stuff I thought you might find interesting if you didn't already know about it. I read a lot of technology and science based articles on multiple sites especially if they have an app.