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  1. Hi all, Just noticed in General Chat the repeated new threads one after the other by the user essentialoilsite. I believe it is another one of those damn marketing bots or just someone trying to earn a quick buck spamming advertisement. Anyway just thought you might want to know if you didn't notice. Mainly looking at you mods >.> Can't tell whether it has be banned yet browsing on my phone... Damn bots getting loose got to keep an eye on them... >.> <.< >.> Powermaniac Edit: Shit I spelt loose wrong didn't notice till afterwards. :facepalm:
  2. What are you a spammer or a legitimate member, spam multiple old threads dating back to the earliest of 2008 and then ask a proper question is this you just trying to cover the fact you spammed the forums with some pointless comments that claim you have something but it will come at a cost. Do you not realise the people that still hang around in these forums would most probably have no problem trying to hack Runescape and even though they most probably can they most probably have no interest what so ever in doing so. Or did you realise after you spammed this forum that wait this forum might actually be interesting and of some help and entertainment to you?
  3. I know the majority of the world is run by 147 tight knit corporations, they discovered this and made it public information. There was a study on it involving analysts since the Occupy Wall Street event... Source:http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed--the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html I'm still not into the whole idea we blow up the people who are defiant there is a lot of technology being developed in Universities over here co-joined with some Asian countries that will soon destroy some of the other major companies if they do not use it and adopt that technology because it is so much better and the future. Although I have heard theories about perpetual motion and the fact Tesla may have discovered something but the documents about it may have been destroyed by the government(oil companies paying them). So...There are some questionable things going on.
  4. If I had 1.6 Million it would very quickly become more I need less then that to get started trying out some ideas I have let alone some that I know work...So I would buy it with spare cash lol...I can dream can't I =P
  5. Agreed with nyphonejacks, so much more value in a historical item of a presidents even if they aren't part of Australia >.> Although if I had that amount of cash to spend I would probably buy the majority of historical documents but I don't have a lot of cash to spend and I probably in the end wouldn't bother as the importance of everything in a sense passes and is forgotten...
  6. Double Post...
  7. you think that different countries are run by different governments or groups? how cute they are pretty much all run by the same corporate interests... regardless of if it was black ops or a private company - ultamately the same results... sorry for any typos or grammer errors this keyboard that i am using is very sticky... Anyway for you to verify this claim countries are all run by the same cooperate enterprise? I'm just interested to see what proves this considering governments are constantly doing things another country would not do and would frown upon constantly. It also brings the question to mind that you therefore think Iran, Iraq etc are ran by the same people even China is? I understand most countries are a part of the U.N. and in a sense you could claim it controls all the countries apart of that but most of them don't really adhere to the ideas introduced by the U.N. examples of this are the recent fallout with Canada from the Stop Global Warming scheme(whatever it was called).
  8. Hi all, I just came up with an idea of which someone else might find helpful but I don't know how to do it. The question is would it be possible to trick your internet provider in thinking something your downloading is from there server thus allowing it to be un-metered. Keep in mind this is a 'theoretical' question >.> <.< >.>. So considering I'm not currently on an unlimited internet usage deal and they have servers that if hosting the data I want I can download from there with it not counting towards my download/upload limit. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I'm looking at changing over internet providers soon anyway because the current contract ended. Powermaniac
  9. LOL ^ Windows XP...then went Ubuntu now back with Windows 7 mainly for gaming purposes...My set Ubuntu up again sometime now I've got a 1TB HDD...
  10. Possibly a BlackOps project okay this just got very interesting. Silly company panicking should have just claimed the photos were doctored and they were false accusations thus making them look more professional and not completely suss. And should have also claimed the guy was a paranoid conspiracy theorist and you have the right to freedom of speech seeing as this in based in America no considering the FBI is involved... That makes me wonder who is using the information in Australia >.> <.< >.> oh well go through my texts and browsing history and phone calls isn't going to bother me any.
  11. Wikipedia is so helpful these days, disappointing how schools tell you not to use Wikipedia because anyone can't edit it/type it. So can anyone make a web page stupid teachers. Hmm this helps answer my exact same question on this subject and is an interesting topic. That makes me wonder is using Java through the website address bar consider to be SQL injection or can it be used for this hypothetically because there was a modification for Facebook using it when I was on there. Wouldn't go near that site any more though.
  12. And...? LOL
  13. Thanks for the link AfterM4th shall join that forum if it is trustworthy and which I assume it is for you to provide a link to it... Anyway I'm not planning on brute forcing maybe I was misunderstood... I was asking if there was a way to have a link you are downloading from be proxied as there own server thus being unmetered...? Because of there Unmetered Usage deal so if you download from there servers it doesn't affect your download usage thus if I can pose a download I am doing as it being from there server I then get it for free =D...Just thought it might be possible knowing that there are so many possibilities with the internet and technology these days... Edit: Considering I didn't understand any of what was said I'm not sure whether my question was understood or not...
  14. For some reason all those posts went right over my head and I didn't understand a word of it... Rereads all posts again...
  15. ADSL...
  16. nyphonejacks aren't you just talking about collecting the password key by making people log into a fake wifi address which logs the password they entered? Thus after they discover it doesn't work they then go and try to log into the other real wifi address but you now have the WEP/WPA/WPA2 key.
  17. Telstra Bigpond...I can provide a link if necessary.
  18. I was just so worried and realised wait a minute it was 2009 when this happened not one of my accounts I have has been hacked...oh well...change passwords when I'm not on my phone. Not worth worrying about tonight not, like anything will happen that is important anyway.
  19. Just read and scrolled through that file...err fail...are they really there passwords some of them look like they are encrypted otherwise they must copy paste them which would be a bitch if you are using another computer... 2009 definitely time to change a couple passwords on a couple sites usually I join trustworthy sites -.- I wa younger when I joined it, stupid stupid stupid. Was there a username/password list ever realised like lulzsec does...?
  20. Ahh I now feel reassured and happier it was only today I bothered to look around there site. That brings me to the question how secure is Binary Revolution I trust it is quite good but might as well ask. That also reminds me I have some information to delete then and passwords to change...>.> <.< >.> not that I keep anything important on the net just the accounts have my username therefore people believe it is me...you get the picture.
  21. Hey, Would the administrator please contact me via pm. Thank you, Powermaniac
  22. I've been feeling I left this and the people above me deserved a reply. I made a mistake it was not something I was embarrassed or ashamed about, very simple I logged in with an account I was no longer wanting to use on that particular forum and made a post I wish I hadn't of for reasons I shall keep to myself. StankDawg's advice is very true and brilliant advice, no offence nyphonejacks but I think it may not be the best advice ever but it is good advice. So is your extended version of his advice nyphonejacks. I find this thread more embarrassing then anything I made myself look foolish and un-knowledgeable but I am still learning as everyone is everyday.
  23. ...I am not sure whether they use US certified RF (radio frequencies?) standards. We quite often have are own standards here which are sometimes similar to the US standards. We do use wireless 802.11g/b and whatever else here though I am using it right now to post this message. For learning purposes what would you use this for and what do you mean by injectable? I understand you can use a wireless adapter or router as they are called for sniffing out other wireless networks in the area and then receiving packets from that wireless connection to have a program such as aircrack decrypt/workout the password to that wireless network, is that all you would use it for? Oh along with using that information to wreak havoc and crash the system etc. etc.
  24. Yes I know what they are and do I was studying Systems and Control at one point at a school I was attending (basically electronics but not the 240v stuff miniature forms). So I understand how they work, that they are a form of switch they can stay constantly on if a current is applied to them otherwise they lock back to being off. Was just wondering what interesting ideas you had for there use. Edit: I just watch the video you linked to, I noticed he doesn't go it to much detail, I might as well add the current going through the relay produces a magnetic field making the metal pole/switch/or rudder as the dude in the video calls it swing over to the output or throw switching it off or on/on or on between two different devices etc. And which the pole/switch/rudder springs back when no current is affecting it thanks to a spring... The solid state drive ones are different...
  25. StankDawg is back, the community is getting more lively again and I'm hoping I shall be apart of it, things are looking up!