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  1. Try downloading CoreTemp or CPUz or HWMonitor, sometimes the program you may be using can be rather screwy and give you false temp readings. Also AtomicMPC would be a great place to ask about top safe temperatures for your CPU, and about your CPU cooler haven't seen that one before or read any reviews/thoughts on it...Interesting...
  2. Why didn't I read through this when it was posted I wonder...For some reason I have a feeling I read it as meaning LN2 which I know where to point you too just nothing else... With liquid cooling though I know lots of purely computer hardware related forums, although they do extend into other forms of computer related topics, anyway asking here: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showforum=57 My usual visiting place besides here. You could also try: http://forums.bit-tech.net/forumdisplay.php?f=30 http://pcpowerplay.com.au/forums/forumdisplay.php?21815-Hardware-and-Technology There are some others, but I myself find Atomicmpc to be the best and contains the most helpful people, even if the replies aren't always incredibly fast. They are usually faster then the others though. Some of the guys in there work for the companies that make the products you buy, and use LN2 though for liquid cooling...So basically they know there shit ha.
  3. Learning Java myself at the moment as well as Python now thanks to some more courses offered by Stanford although I'm not sure it is Stanford I just know it is done by Udacity and the some of the guys who did the ai-class last year. So I was going to ask are you willing to post the code up? And if so would you, please?
  4. Hi all, Recently discovered some fucked up sites on the net and reported there content considering here in Australia the content they were hosting is highly illegal although I think it is a site hosted in the USA so... Anyway I emailed them enquiring about some questions and laws here regarding certain prohibited materials and haven't been replied to...I've started to wonder is there a way to check and monitor if anyone is monitoring you. Considering these days Governments seem to have access to so much information but you don't have the right to know they are 'listening'. I almost doubt Australia has the resources to really monitor people here anyway let alone the computer systems to scan so much internet traffic. Also, I was wondering whether any of you use Encryption software and if so, why and what do you use, and if not, why not? Also intrigued by encryption and cryptography in general considering one of the law enforcement agencies in America recently had a news release to do with them whining about the fact that can't crack 256-bit encryption. Anyway any replies are appreciated.
  5. Thanks for those links, I looked around on the net to do with the PATH and found an answer myself, just can't believe they didn't mention that before hand or the fact you have to open command prompt to basically do anything in the first place -.-... Oh the thing you might be able to answer though is: Do I have to place the files I want to compile in say the default directory because otherwise I have to set it to the directory of where I have the files anyway and which I've now moved them to where javac and java are because I thought I had to. Thus rendering the setting up of the PATH pointless...So my default directory is C:\Users\Powermaniac so I would then need to place all my coded and compiled files in the folder Powermaniac, right? Might as well link you to then forum containing my thoughts on the fact it didn't mention that and my confusion that was explained in more detail there: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=48194 Sorry for partially derailing Gregimbal.
  6. Having an interesting time learning to program using Java, A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition...They skipped the part where it tells you need to compile things in command prompt -.-...

  7. Hmm, well I'm starting/started in Java only just picked up Java, A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition, which is rather detailed. But I either misunderstood, skipped, or it wasn't there but I'm sure it was the part where it mentions you need to use command prompt as the javac and java compilers...It mentioned something about setting the PATH but not how...And also you would need to use Command Prompt seeing as it isn't recommended to use an IDE...Which left me stumped when I left it for a couple days after reading the introduction to come back to do the actual coding... I had to look it up on the internet, because there was a large amount of confusion. I can link you guys to a forum if you want to see what happened...? Anyway, just make sure it is really, really detailed on how to set it up and actually considers the fact you may be completely computer illiterate and or doesn't assume you have done things it hasn't mentioned to do -.- Only thing that has kind of put me off now, same thing happened when I was younger, a guide didn't mention I needed a compiler to code into, so I had no idea what to do with the code... Anyway from what I understand any language is good except people advise not starting with C/C++ because of bad habits that form. And Seal haven't seen your display picture around for a while, good to see your visiting/posting again.
  8. Thanks guys for the reply. Waiting on a reply from two places here that are regarding internet law, one being the ACMA and the other being EFA so hopefully one will get back to me soon.
  9. I recently came across a book covering this while I was browsing Amazon looking to see if there was anything I should buy to accompany my Java, A Beginner's Guide (Fifth Edition). Which I had mistakenly bought here at Dymocks for $50 which I could have gotten for half at Amazon... Anyway I tried looking through the sections I remember I was looking at last time and came across a few books that cover what you ask. Although some only cover the very basics of a computer up to machine code while others cover more in-depth explanations of coding and how that runs a computer. So the links are http://www.amazon.com/Code-Language-Computer-Hardware-Software/dp/0735611319/ref=pd_sim_b_56 http://www.amazon.com/How-Computers-Work-Processor-Memory/dp/1442113987/ref=pd_sim_b_5 http://www.amazon.com/Elements-Computing-Systems-Building-Principles/dp/0262640686/ref=pd_rhf_dp_shvl4 Anyway have a read through the introductions/explanation as to what they are about on Amazon and see if any of them are to your liking. I'm sure there was another one that was quite cheap you could have tried that covered it entirely but I can't find it...Hmm... EDIT: I just remembered also sign up to this if you want, I have and so far I don't think they have started sending out the weekly material so it isn't to late! Also lots of other computer science and mathematical courses on there =D. http://www.cs101-class.org/
  10. a) Been reading up on it and also Tails, almost comes across as though it is riskier to use it then to not. As in it is easier to stay invisible by being visible then by using something that makes you 'invisible' and thus leaves the sign of 'I'm using Tor'. And which it states that on there site it is obvious to your ISP that you are using Tor so seems like you would be a more likely target. If access to a lawyer was possible I would have already done that. Already stopped viewing when I saw it, although I had come across this site in the past and it didn't seem to obviously break any laws. Might as well ask your opinion considering it claims it abides by the U.S.M.C laws, in that people are 'over 18'. Will pm you the name of the site seeing as you are actually answering, no point making it highly obvious to everyone else reading. The other time I came across it nothing happened although there are sites such as 4chan and 7chan that post similar material that is questionable that pops up quite often. I also have to wonder the resources the government/governments have and how thoroughly they investigate things or even care. Really need to get my mind off this getting me distracted and paranoid, got other things I should be doing.
  11. Might as well explain what happened, and why I've become curious about keeping myself anonymous and keeping an eye on listening IP Addresses etc. I came across some prohibited material on the internet, which I then begun looking up laws here in Australia and for some reason there is no information about minors and viewing particular prohibited content here. So I emailed and reported this content to stay on the safe side, although I haven't gotten a reply from this government department on laws here and minors viewing this content. So I'm starting to wonder whether they would investigate people asking questions like this via email and if so how would I be able to keep tabs on if they are or aren't. And or how I could almost disappear or keep any information they are going through encrypted and invisible as such. Made me more paranoid then I already was xD.
  12. Hi all, Been busy for a while and was distracted by other facets of life. Signed in today was reading some of the posts to see if anything major or interesting has happened and not much has changed as I expected (no offence). So it seems no harm there in being temporarily gone. Now as I was reading some of the posts and a reply to my "Everything is Assumed" thread I noticed I had been down rep to -6 so I checked the Binary Revolution forum index page where it has a list of where you were down repped and which it was in like each thread over a long past with no replies as to why...I in some ways don't care but was wondering has another spam bot got lose or some dumb-ass, or did I make a thread that offended some community and they say it and one of them joined and down repped me for that. Anyway I was also wondering if this had happened to anyone else as well. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. Yes it is just a number on an internet forum but one that isn't normally abused by spammers, idiots, and others of the like. Will up rep you to fix things out. I upped you one as well earlier, but i think that people trading up reps to try to equalize the damage caused by someone who is either bored, or just an asshole who goes around down repping just as equally takes away from the effectiveness of the rep system. and up or down rep is not one that i usually give out easily, and seeing the low numbers of most other people on this forum i do not think that others go around repping people with out feeling strongly towards or against the post that they are repping, so up until this point the rep system did have some meaning on this form IMO where i could get an idea on where someone stands within ideas and opinions of the binrev community as a whole based on their rep numbers... but now if someone is just gaming the system to down rep as may posts or users as possible and people are then trying to up rep people to compensate for neg rep that someone else gave, it all becomes a game, and the rep system becomes totally useless... Exactly it ruins the purpose of the rep system, making it pointless, before it has some meaning and was somewhat trustworthy. I have a suspicion on who it might be, and also that it isn't who I think it is but they just find it amusing. Not yet just ruins a system that worked well in the past, otherwise we might as well all down rep each other as much as possible and make the system entirely pointless. See what Stankdawg thinks of that when his forum is completely fucked over. People will shake their heads at you. Enough bad rep and they'll do a double-take when they notice, and then shake their heads at you. Obviously you don't understand it actually had some purpose to it and has been used and has fulfilled its purpose for a very long time. No one as far as I remember fucked with it in the past because "oh that sounds like a fun thing to do". Oh well always find people who like causing chaos and problems. Even if it is not really worth the time or effort. And thanks guys for the positive rep you can stop there ha.
  14. I might as well point out I've recently gone and bought Java A Beginner's Guide Fifth Edition. Which is incredibly detailed and looks like a nice place to start. Also a lot of things are now written in Java and it is similar to C and C++. So if you want to learn them afterwards it will be rather easy. So shouldn't have any problems finding whatever you want to do specifically in Java on the internet.
  15. "boo fucking hoo. deal with your rep like a man" If you're are so manly say openly who you are. Hmm, go on, are you scared of something? Yeah a post count limit needs to be implemented or something to stop spammers and twits from going around fucking shit up for the sake of it. Yes it is just a number on an internet forum but one that isn't normally abused by spammers, idiots, and others of the like. Will up rep you to fix things out.
  16. Swerve is back...Seems temporary though =(. Haven't seen that name for what 2-3 years now.
  17. PM some info sounds interesting. At first for some reason thought you meant you were given a blank computer with all the hardware necessary and you had to install a secure operating system onto it that you programmed xD...Was thinking that would be easy program some useless piece of shit that is basically passworded and the password only gives you access to a terminal with possibly another password to enter that which requires a particular formula to be known to know the password...Hmm a infinite loop of passwords that are generated by a formula hmm...Geometric or Arithmetic Sequences or maybe something like the Fibonacci Sequence would be good and even harder to work out... Anyway...
  18. Iron Key hmm need to look that up sounds rather interesting. Might I also add why aren't people with under a 10 post count keep ending up with 5 nuclear waste/nuclear area symbols...?
  19. Okay WTF, perfect example directly above. This one had a comment though it being "whining about his rep," I was commenting on the fact some dickhead is going around down repping every thread I've made. Oh well, might as well change my signature to having something about asking to be down repped and see what happens from there =P... Now there is another comment -.- "haha.. I'll go through and re-rep you when ..." Too bad it doesn't tell you who is up/down repping you, I wonder if StankDawg has that information because this is ticking me off that someone isn't leaving a reason.
  20. Sorry about that, the main reason you would have been ignored is for the simple fact there is a Nubie or Noob HQ for new people that want to learn. So as AfterM4th linked to the best place to start would be there.
  21. Hi all, I have been a member at Astala Vista Forums for a long time but never really visited it, it has updated a lot since I first joined it probably when I was first interested in hacking in general or what I perceived to be hacking. Well they updated and sent me an email today and I noticed you have to pay to become a 'Premium Member' and you can buy there Security Tool Kit. Now I haven't thoroughly investigated what being a premium member allows you to do exactly but found it unusual for a hacking based site to have this function. As I have noticed you can become a Financier here at Binary Revolution which gives you the title Financier along with the knowledge of you knowing you helped keep this site running. I did discover my free account can access the forums with nothing so far being restricted...Wait retract that just discovered a forum section called the Premium Lounge and Special Offers/Discounts. As I see it if it is holding back knowledge hackers/phreakers can use to learn that is not really right in a way. If it is a product they have worked hard to create such as the Security Scan Tool Kit well that is okay. I'm not sure really but they could if they wish make it cost you just to look at the site. Anyway I have also noted that seem to encourage the 'cracker' form of hacking which is not something I overly approve of but freedom of speech it is more the breaking the law for the sake of breaking the law that should be watched out for really. I also noticed they do not seem to have any concern over correct grammar, spelling which is fine if that isn't your native language but if you are just being lazy well in someways that is another thing altogether. Anyway thoughts? Powermaniac
  22. Have no idea when it comes to identifying phones. Anyone notice the fact the person who made that web page and then zoom in images on the phones missed a whole heap of them? Also what is with the fact he has so many damn phones and his mobile seems to change each time?
  23. I KNOW Skype or Flickr or...what else is there Twitter...? Edit: Can't steal any of my ideas =P all physical objects not data well besides a couple that are data related.
  24. Haha yes I remember using the altavista search engine used to use it mainly just to see what different results I would get and always hoping there might be something more relevant and helpful. It still exists I thought it evaporated basically? Or maybe I just discovered they seem to get the same results now or something. I can't put my finger on why I thought it no longer exists...hmm...
  25. -.- seems either newbies to the entire concept of a forum/the internet have suddenly joined this forum or there are some really annoying trolls/spammers out at the moment.