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  1. Can you believe this statistic? 45% of American internet users in 2015 stopped buying online and posting about controversial topics due to security risks and privacy concerns :



    What will become of the internet then?

  2. No new avatar !

  3. PurpleJesus:

    Must be Monday then.

  4. Wabbit.


    Just had to leave something, pointless though it may be. :)

  5. Scanning NPA 303/720.

  6. changed account photo to a schematic for a solid state tesla coil

  7. Q. "I wonder if Jesus wore underwear beneath his robing....if so how were the skid-marks removed? Shout them out?" A. "They were 'shouted out' alright....... Demons OUT!!!!!!" © Noah, resistor X, in that order.

  8. Here's a comment.


  9. ubuntu bug disabled wifi autoconnect. went into BIOS and fixed it.

  10. whatever...........

  11. always lookin out for #1, unless someone's throwin shit around then I watch out for #2

  12. .........better not say..............