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  1. That is an amazing program. I think that the pdaphreak site should get started again. There are so many possibilities now with 802.11 and voip on pdas. Very Nice work.
  2. Scan...Scan...Scan...Scanning is how I have found every all of my local test numbers. Scan for awhile and you should find some really cool stuff. Scanning - Dialing numbers to obtain unlisted, or test numbers. Such as dialing (555) 222-0000 - (555) 222-0099. Just pick up the phone, and start dialing numbers, guessing where you think test codes would be hidden, and if your persistant, you could find some really interesting things.
  3. A little while back I was walking around downtown, and walked behind the post office where I found a hotline type phone in a in a regular payphone housing. As soon as I picked it up it started ringing, I guess inside the post office, because no one answered, but it was late so I guess it was because the post office was closed. I think it is for the mail carriers to call inside the post office to pick up their mail. But I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen a hotline phone at a public place like this, and what the possibilities are with it.
  4. I was thinking about starting a meeting in my local area in the southern part of Middle Tennessee (931 Area). I have never meet anyone in the Middle Tennessee area, but if you are in the area, or would feel like traveling a little way, I would be more than happy to get a meeting of some sort going.
  5. I call 3501 - 3750.