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  1. What? Me worry? Old-school hacker's proverb: "Few things in life are as good as you hoped they would be, or as bad as you feared they might be." levitis_leviathan
  2. Tron gets out December 30, 2008 per Oregon's victim notification network (VINE).
  3. Here's a link to some new AVR Microcontroller tutorials: http://extremeelectronics.co.in/category/avr-tutorials/
  4. Sorry for incorrect time above... HACKING HISTORY IS ON AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT--12:00 AM on 9-27-08.
  5. Check out the History Channel @ 12:00 AM (midnight) eastern tonight (9-27-08) for Bre Pettis' new docu "Hacking History".
  6. Have you seen the excellent documentation, tutorials and manuals downloadable free from parallax.com ?
  7. Thanks nick84. This will make the presentations available in a more useful, permanent format.
  8. The last HOPE conference is now occurring with streaming audio at: http://radio.hope.net/internet-lowbw.pls
  9. Just verified w/blocked cell and landline -- all IDs are displayed with my DID 412.
  10. As I pointed out on a previous thread, Magicjack apparently ignores the privacy bit and displays the calling number on ALL incoming calls...
  11. The three functional payphones in my basement hackerlab are working just fine...
  12. Been licensed since 1979. Slowly moved thru the ranks reaching Extra class about 5 years ago.
  13. (412) 357-xxxx
  14. Just got my Magic Jack and my experiments show that when you call a Magic Jack number from an unlisted, cellular, or caller ID blocked number, it still SHOWS UP ON THE MAGIC JACK INCOMING CALL DISPLAY! Magic Jack must be receiving this info (just like incoming calls to toll free numbers are always received by the called party) and passing it onto the Magic Jack subscriber. Sweet!!!
  15. Thanks for the info, jfalcon. My luck.. this happens the day after I signup and get an account number. Wanted to test out my Asterisk box with FWD; anyone know any free alternatives to FWD still operating???