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  1. Picture dump here:
  2. We will meet at the Wise Owl Cafe in the basement of Walter Library.
  3. Reminder that tomorrow is the supercomputer tour. Right now I have 3 people that have expressed interest. The guide has specified that he can support about 10 people (excluding me). I have not been getting any of the emails alerting me of posts to this board, so i will try and get that fixed.
  4. Anyone else? I am trying to get a headcount.
  5. Ok we are scheduled for July 30th, from 1600-1700 at Walter Library. I need to get a head count of anyone who wants to attend. Shoot me an e-mail and I will add you to the list.
  6. I'm leaving now, I was expecting it to be the usual 1500 meeting.
  7. July 10th it is. We can sit down and determine a good time for the MN Super computer tour. Yes, I did finally get a hold of the guy, and we can get it all setup.
  8. OK, so finally heard back from my contact. He has a busy schedule, but I am wondering what is best for everyone? It seems that Fridays and Wednesdays seem to be pretty open for him, and he tends to leave the office "by 1630'ish". I will be almost-unreachable for the next two weeks, so I will leave it to ya'll to work together and come up with a decent time to get away from work and romp through the land of gigaFLOPS. Crypto
  9. So I am increasingly doubting that I will be able to make this tour happen on the 23rd. I still have yet to get a response back from my contact. I will continue to push for a tour, but at this time, I would not plan on it for the 23rd of May. Simmons
  10. Meeting tomorrow still right? I am still trying to get a hold of the head admin for the MSI tour.
  11. I am still trying to get a hold of the individual I originally talked to. I will make the plans for the 23rd and post the info here. Any objections? Did anyone go to the meeting this Saturday? I was busy with finals week approaching.
  12. I will be gone, but I will try and get it setup for ya'll... Any particular dates?
  13. They have 5 different systems. Most of them (maybe all, I do not remember) are running on 20 gigabit infiniband networks. At least two of the systems have made it into the top 50-75 fastest supercomputer list. The newest one is a "HP Linux cluster with 1,083 HP ProLiant BL280c G6 blade servers, each with two-socket, quad-core Intel Nehalem processors, with a QDR InfiniBand (IB) interconnect." Here is a link that gives more info (though not much) about the hardware. The director of admin was very informative and helpful. He was more then happy to answer questions about costs (since it is all tax money and thus public record somewhere). Most programs are written in C and Fortran. We talked about administrating the system, since I was looking at trying to do an internship there. (Just to say I worked on a supercomputer... that is just awesome.) We walked through the production floor, and he showed off the cooling systems, and talked about the history. If everyone is interested in a tour, we need to figure out tentative dates, and I will contact the guy and try and set it up. Ultimately, the experience has driven me to start pulling my spare computers together, and stand up my own rudimentary cluster.
  14. They seem to give private tours on a semi-regular basis. I just called and scheduled a visit.
  15. Yea, it has been crazy recently. Have I missed anything interesting? In case anyone is interested, the Supercomputer Center on campus gives tours. It is a fascinating tour. A computer geek wonderland.