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  1. Hey, does anyone know how to set systemwide cflags in OpenBSD? The OpenBSD lists are hostile to such radical system changes, and I was wondering if it was possible, and if so I would like to play around with it a bit.
  2. At most colleges there is an additional charge for internet usage essentially making them an ISP. Does your ISP have the right to read your email?
  3. That isn't really a security hole because the root account is disabled by default, it isn't just set to have no password. If you know the password for an administrative account on the computer you should also presumably trusted to have root access. Setting a root password with a command such as sudo passwd automatically enables the account.
  4. Portage also lets you install packages though, its a flag for emerge IIRC.
  5. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - Hal Abelson and Gerald Sussman Operating System Concepts 7th Edition The C Programming Language - Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie Fundamentals of Java - Lambert and Osbourne The Unix System Administration Hanbook - Evi Nemeth I'm not technically in college yet but those are all used in college CS courses. They are also very readable. You can look at Berkeley's website for some CS podcasts. MIT has SICP videos up online too.
  6. Yeah im in the same boat, so I just PMed I-baLL too. I also sent mine in sort of late so i'm not sure, but I have another one to submit too now so I hope they did.
  7. Not out yet, probably in a couple of weeks, (at least from past experience.) Just check the website, they always have the current issue at the top.
  8. These are *NIXes, not just Linux. Gentoo/OS X on an iBook G4. OS X on a Macbook Pro. FreeBSD on a Sager NP8890. Gentoo on a Dell Smartstep 200N. OS X on a Powerbook G4. Having said all of this, the choice of a distro for your laptop is irrelevant, laptop support is the same for whatever one you choose once you recompile the kernel (provided you set everything up correctly) so you should go with the one you like the best (as far as general usage is concerned.)
  9. ISOs are disk images, you can't just put them onto data CDs directly, they must be burned using Disc Copy, so make sure that is what you did. Also, If that doesn't work just get the boot floppies and use those (I know OpenBSD has them, and I think FreeBSD does too.) Also, BIOS keys for your computer will be either F1 F2 F8 F10 or Delete, so hold all of them down as soon as you press the power button on your computer. Then you can make sure you have the proper boot device in the proper position (which it sounds like you do.) Having said all that, it definately sounds like you burned the ISOs as a Data CD instead of as what they are, a disc images.
  10. Thanks guys, very helpful information.
  11. Sorry I've been real busy with work and other personal things lately, so jsut to let you all know, torrents are coming RSN.
  12. I read this and honestly, even though this guy clearly deserves all the ridicule he gets, I think the best idea would be for people to instead inform him of how the internet really works and why his theory is wrong. With actual working knowledge he probably could have been the person to break teh deadlock and shift the vote in favor of net neutrality. Ignorance on this subject is inexcusable given his position, but even so, the best way to fight this particular instance of ignorance is with education in my opinion.
  13. Well if you have matching RAM modules or the same modules you don't technically need Dual Channel RAM for Dual Channel Mode as there is no difference between a Dual Channel kit and two single channel chips, they need to be the same size and density, but not the same make and model. Intel has a good article about it on their website here.
  14. You can reset accounts after mounting a volume in single user mode. Press command+s right when you turn your computer on. Then, run fsck and mount your partitions as read write (mount -uw /). After this you can just change user passwords the normal way (passwd <user>).
  15. What types of 2d graphics you looking to do from the console lowtec? Also, did you install all of the 32 bit compatibility libs? If you haven't search packages.gentoo.org for emul-linux and install all of those libs.