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  1. There seems to be more interest from the Worcester area, so it looks like Shrewsbury will be the best option. I will update the site.
  2. I am open to location. Is there a better spot for you? Since 508 goes past Worcester and to the tip of Cape Cod, I was thinking of 2 alternate locations. Shrewsbury Borders or Bellingham Barnes and Noble Let me know!
  3. bummer area code..... Is 603 all of NH?
  4. Try Knoppix: Goto the download links and pick a mirror. Download and burn...
  5. 2 meetings did happen. Unfortunately no-one participated except me. I needed to unplug for the holidays and had an unexpected medical issue in January. Everyone need to unplug sometimes.... As for the meeting I do not care who runs it as long as it happens. If anyone in 508 want to get together let me know.
  6. Try one of these: There are 327 different tests. Some can be buggy but one of them is bound to work.
  7. I would run it again or try a different speed test it worked for me. Last Result: Download Speed: 6161 kbps (770.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 359 kbps (44.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
  8. Thanks for the offer. I will contact you offline to discuss.
  9. It is a hard switch. Thanks I did not know that. It seems like a cruel way to stop a HD. I will check for an unmount command.
  10. I does believe the drive is a fixed drive. I did figure out how to get it to appear in the "Safely remove hardware" screen. When I try to stop it I get the message " X Volume cannot be stopped now please try again later." As for soft or hard power off I cannot tell. My guess would be soft.
  11. I have an external HD connected through firewire. My concern is powering this thing down. When I start this device the "safely remove hardware" icon does not appear in the systray. This feature does work correctly when I use one of my USB keychains. My concern is that I end up powering the unit down with the switch. When goes against my better instincts to power off a HD while the platters are spinning. I do not want to loose any of the data on this drive. Anyone else with external HDs have suggestions?
  12. I use PDF995 It adds a virtual printer that automatically creates PDFs. It is annoy-ware but it serves its purpose.
  13. I was more concerned about my unprotected Cat5 in the suspended cieling in the office below me. I weekly scan my own office for unauthorized wireless "Hotspots" but this made me think more about my physical security.
  14. A password screams that you are hiding something. Get creative. If you change a folder picture you would be amazed what you can hide right in front of someone.
  15. The wiring tech was complaining about the gauge steel pipe they used for security because they were so paranoid. Most of the time I see ethernet cable bundled and maybe some PVC pipes used for wire control. The ironic thing is that they take such care with thier cable but they have a person with unauthorized wireless network that is not secure.