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  1. Pretty much a huge security issue, but it would be pretty elite. If this is possible, I will be programming something very, very soon.
  2. I found an xss vulnerability in a certain forum software. I was wondering what's the WORSE someone can do with XSS, and can you provide an example? I don't want to hear cookie stealing, redirecting, or simple things like that. I want to hear advanced stuff
  3. Bumping this thread for justice. I have a friend who CAN hack Photobuckets. He changes the guest pass... I guess he has some sort of exploit. It involves no interaction with the victim... I think he's selling it for $800 (lol). I think you can make a lot of money on it though, I'm sure he has.
  4. I didn't really care if he was dead... tbh. He operates a successful skiddie website, and I respect that. I haven't been on Milw0rm for ages.. but do they have ads up? If so, Str0ke is a genius. I didn't care, because... I don't visit Milw0rm and because I don't even know Str0ke personally.
  5. Let's not go off topic now guys >_> Yes, yes.. Lockerz... the website IS legit, and there ARE exploits for it. The exploits are detectable since they can manually count up the amount of people you invited, how many days you had zList (If you even had) if you logged in on every day, answered dailies etc. I have to admit though.. the site seems to be programmed horribly. Good luck.