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  1. Ok, So I went dumpster diving today at my local Comcast headend, and besides a couple servers racks. I came across 30 Nortel Networks T7316 Phones. They all seem to work, When I plug them into a POTS line, the lights just blink, which means it isen't connected to the proper PBX. So is there anyway to make these phones work with a normal POTS line or a Cisco IAD2400 w/ FXS lines. Or does it have to be connected to a PBX to work? I poked around google a bit and diden't come up with much. If anyone has any insite on this that would help alot
  2. Thanks so much i think i will try exspoing the asterisk server, and allowing remote phone reistration
  3. Ok, I attached a picture of my current network setup, I have to seperate LAN's both hooked to the net with comcast basic cable, one lan has an edge router running Smoothwall and has a DMZ with my asterisk server, http, dns etc. The other lan is a very basic lan, with a cable modem, a cheap generic router and a switch. i have an cisco 7900 ip phone on both networks, what i need to know is how to get them so i can just pick up one phone and be able to call the other just by dialing an exsterion. See picture
  4. Ok, I have a white cyberswitch 400 router, i believe it is made by cabletron systems, Does anyone know how to reset this thing? And does anyone know what the default IP. I don't know how to find it in its current state. It has to Ethernet ports and one WAN port for a frame relay device or a T1. I have search all over the net but i couldent find anything about this router. Does anyone have any information about it? Picture of the router in my server rack: http://freewebs.com/nhhack/newrack_core.jpg (3rd device down from top, above mux/demux) or just goto my site: http://nhhc.cjb.net (5th picture down)
  5. Hello Everyone, Can you download ISS 6.0?, or do I have to purchase a Windows Server OS to get it? I have been useing Apache on a Windows 2000 Pro box. I have some linux boxes and I have been useing them with Apache and that is really the only webserver I have ever used. So I want to give ISS a try. Thanks for looking
  6. Well, Today is your lucky day...My dad is a police officer and I have acceccs to the NCIC (Natinal Crime Information Center) license plate database, its on his laptop. It runs a program called Packer Cluster Mobile and i can look up just about anything. If you email me the plate number or the VIN number to me at mataruso6@gmail.com i will email the information back to you.
  7. I have a old server laying around that runs SuSe 9 Pro, I want to turn it into a shell account server type thing. Is there some type of software I could install on it so people could goto a website and sign up for a shell acount on my server, and then it would create it on the server?
  8. What about a tesla coil. Thats what i built for my 9th grade sciance fair project and i got first place. People loved it.
  9. Ok, I have a friend that lives down the road; about a quarter mile away. We both have very large networks as we are working on makeing a large super cluster(right now I have 72 active computers in my cluster) and my freind has around 30. We want to like this together some how. Take into mind that we live in the middle of the woods, would it be possable to lay cat5 cable through the woods or sometype of serial line, i was thinking of some type of serial line with serial modems at each end, wireless is out of the question as we dont have a clear veiw of each other. Any ideas
  10. No, You don't have to have any special program open. Just do it at the desktop. If it dosent work try clicking on the desktop then try it again.
  11. Yes, i do the same thing at my school the tech guys hate it, to flip the screen in Windows XP Pro i press "Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow" That will flip it upside down, us "Ctrl+Alt+ Up Arrow" to bring it back, also "Ctrl+Alt+ Left/Right Arrow" Will flip it to the left and right. This works on most of the XP computers but some wont do it. Hope this helps.
  12. Ok, Heres the problum. I have 2 phones in my house. one is wireless and the other is a corded one witch pluges into a 120v outlet to light the LCD screen. I want to plug in a third phone in the basement, but whenever its pluged in the wireless phone doesnet ring only the two wired one. I know it has something to do with how meny phone you can have on one loop. But I dont know how to fix it. Is ther anyway i could make it so all the phone ring. Like inserting sometype of amplifier on the line?
  13. I just bought this Nortel Network BPS 2000 switch and it asks for a username and password when ever i telnet,http of hyperterminal into it. It was boght secoundhand so I dont know the password. Is there anyway to reset it to defaults? I looked for a phsyical reset switch on the back but i diden't find one.
  14. When you ssh or telnet in a linux box it says something like "Welcome to SuSe Linux. Your last login was today at 6:16" How do you change that message?
  15. I have 6 compaq presarios /w Intel Celeron procseser 700 mhz, 512 mb ram, 2 or 10 gb HDD's, cd-rom,floppy,USB,etc. I want to make sometype of cluster with them(just to play with) and I wanted to know what the best linux distro would be best for this?