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  1. This is just a beginning to get people started. Feel free to add onto more if you wish. The 'Threads' links you will see are from threads from these forums where the topic has been discussed before. I wrote this a few months ago so there may even be more threads about them if you search around. This list was made from numerous threads about the same topics; to stop the bitching from the Department of Redundancy Department. 1. How do I use exploits? ::Discussions - 1. ::Programs for assistance - Nmap and Nessus. ::Reference material - Security Focus, and Irongeek. 2. How do I get the admin password for Windows XP? ::Discussions - 1. ::Programs for assistance - Login recovery, and John the Ripper. ::Reference material - Password Recovery,, and many others. I would suggest reading the discussion thread. 3. How do I hack a website? ::Discussions - 1 , 2, 3. 4. How do I get around web filtering like Websense? ::Discussions - 1, 2, 3. ::Programs for assistance - It is probally easier to use a proxy to get around web filtering software. ::Reference material - Babelfish, Proxy Blind, and Proxify. 5. What are proxies and how do they work? ::Discussions - 1, 2. ::Programs for assistance - There are tons of proxy server lists out there. Suggest doing a Google search for "Proxy", "Proxies", "Proxy Server", etc. ::Reference material - Wiki Proxy Info. 6. Where can I find more Hacker media like HackTV or BRR? For general Hacker Media information check out the Forums. ::Reference material - Hackermedia, Infonomicon, Old Skool Phreak, WhiteSword TV, Packet Sniffers, Hak5. 7. What are some good books to read that will teach me about hacking? This all depends on what you are interested in learning. ::Reference material - Cryptography, Programming, Networking, and Social Engineering. 8. Where can I find a meeting to attend, and what if no one is in my area? If no one is in your area then start up your own meeting, and let others know about it! ::Reference material - Bin Rev meetings - BRR listeners map, DefCon groups, 2600 meetings, and also search for a LUG (Linux User Group) in your area. 9. What Linux distro is the best? ::Discussions - 1. ::Reference material - Rundown on different distros, a test that may help you decide which is best for you, and you may also want to check out more distros' for yourself. 10. How do I learn how to hack? ::Discussions - 1, 2. 11. I want to program, where should I start? ::Discussions - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. C Book, Tutorial, Windows Compiler, *nix Compiler, *nix Compiler How-To. Python Website, Book, Tutorial, Compiler, Compiler How-To.
  2. When and where is DEFCON? DEFCON is generally in the last week of July or first week of August in Las Vegas. DEFCON 17 will be held July 31- August 2 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Many people arrive a day early, and many stay a day later. DEFCON FAQ
  3. I don't think I'll make it this year but don't be surprised if you see me getting handcuffed by security near the phone booth bank.
  4. Hey everyone, We're just over 2 months away from DEFCON. I was curious as to who all planned on attending.
  5. Honeymoon in Vegas?? Have a great time and congrats on getting married. I will be deciding in the next few days on if I'm going to DEFCON.
  6. Don't forget that a regular nmap scan will only scan the most common ports in a certain range. Also, just because you don't get a ping reply doesn't mean a target isn't available. Try passing the -P0 as well.
  7. I'm not sure what you're asking about; so I'll just quote this from the rules:
  8. I'm going to post something that Stank told me when I started in this scene. Question everything and read; that's the short version. Also, hacking is more of a mindset as well; not everything hacking related is always technical; i.e. social engineering.
  9. I'm going to get one of each!! See ya in a day or so Stank.
  10. The 2 main things I go for are to see the talks/presentations and to meet up with people. I only go on "vacation" once a year and DefCon has been it for the past 2 years. I also like watching some of the contests and lurking near the lockpicking rooms.
  11. Before someone says this is SPAM. This has been permitted.
  12. Thanks verbie. Were they all already reserved? What about rooms 106-115, are any of them available? I think that is part of the DefCon deal they have as far as those skybox rooms go. I know a couple of them were for the Lock Picking and other things last year.
  13. So did you go with Joshua or CPE1704TKS?
  15. Yeah as Stank mentioned this could very easily be done by being an employee of said company or working for a company they outsource their support to. I doubt that even the employees will see the password in plain text but they will be probably be able to see the information needed to reset the password. i.e - secret question and answer, zip code, birthdate set when creating the account. If they have that info they can just easily let the people know that information and the people can reset it themselves.
  16. I'm there. Room and plane already booked. I'm arriving afternoon of the 2nd and leaving late morning/early afternoon of the 6th.
  17. 504-523-8426 - Payphone located on Bourbon St. in New Orleans
  18. Kinda pricey but Cell Phone Recorder There is also some service that allows you to record conversations with out any equipment. Check out
  19. I've already confirmed my room at the Riviera hotel. Chances are that my girlfriend can not join me. So I may be looking for a roommate. **EDIT: Just got my plane reservation as well.
  20. Check the connection of the cpu fan. If it came loose then this could cause the problem. If you can get into BIOS monitor the heat levels if the system will stay up for that long. I would open up the box and check all connections first. If they are all snug try booting to a live cd as Drake mentioned, if that goes fine then it is highly likely a piece of hardware is beginning to die. If you have extra parts then I would suggest swapping out parts one at a time to isolate the problem.
  21. Ok. Get something like the show below. Drill a hole in the bottom part and pour in some fluid from glow sticks. Painting your toenails is completely optional.
  22. There's not too much you can do to be honest. You can try contacting hotmail and explain the situation. I have never used hotmail so I don't know what type of other verification purposes they use other than secret question.
  23. There was something like that quite awhile ago. It was called 'Phreak Phactor'. I suggest everyone email ntheory and ask when it's coming back.
  24. You should change all of the desktop wallpapers to say "Turk 182".
  25. Interesting article on how the guy switched to Ubuntu for 30 days. He goes into fairly good detail of his process and lists any complications that came up. Article