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  1. If the guy is being a dick; there is something very simple and easy you can do to drive him crazy. Depending on his drive, remove or change the jumper setting. He'll begin to wonder why in the fuck he is getting a BOOT DISC FAILURE.
  2. I should arrive in town on Fri. around 8:30 am or so. Will probally take a taxi straight to the Riveria; hang around and wait for registration to open.
  3. If you want more information on John the Ripper and Cain & Able then I would highly suggest Irongeek's Videos.
  4. I've noticed that on some older motherboards the changes may appear to have saved in BIOS, but actually haven't changed. This is usually due to a CMOS battery going dead. I would suggest going into BIOS, change the boot order to something different; let it reboot, and then enter BIOS again to change it to the way it was before (to boot to the CD).
  5. DNS stuff already has something kinda like this already. They have 'Geo Location' by IP. However, it only goes down to the city level I believe, and not to an actual address. I assume that the lookup goes through a database lookup of what IP blocks companies own, and then compare it with the IP. Then giving a result of a city that your provider has buildings in?
  6. Yeah, with HOPE and then DefCon 2 weeks later there should be some material.
  7. Just a heads up/reminder. This is voluntary obviously, and remember where you are posting this information. Don't drop your docs if you do not feel comfortable with everyone that may read this board; instead you may want to do what Beave and nenn did, and setup a forward.
  8. It would still pass as plain text. A proxy just "hides" where you are actually from. For example, you log onto the forums and it records that you are coming from ""; a proxy would be used to say that you are coming from "" instead.
  9. This article has been out for awhile but I just came across it today.,3783.html
  10. This reminds me of an old Steven Wright joke. "What do you add to powdered water?" Seagate released a single drive close to this. Seagate
  11. Old Windows commercial. (NSFW ads)
  12. I think he's referring to Service Pack 1 (SP1).
  13. I ordered my airline ticket today. Still looking for a place to crash.
  14. RightCoast wrote up a nice tutorial on this awhile back. Link Although it is specific to videos, music, and ebooks; you may use some of the information there and Google Mine for a directory listing of whatever domain.
  15. I think this would be perfect for people who only like to use the speaker phone instead of holding the cell up to their ear.
  16. A little bit of info can be found here.
  17. Ok, so I restored a server last night at work. Everything seemed to work fine at first, but then when I get back to my desk noticed that SSH was dead and I couldn't ping the server. I checked, double checked, and triple checked all the network settings. I then tried pinging the gateway and switch. No go. However, I could ping anything on the subnet. Our NOC says everything is clear, no troubles. I tried 3 different network cables, and the same result on everything. I tried the different cables on different ports on the switch. The switch was rebooted by NOC twice, and the other servers on the subnet had no troubles. When I run a tracert on the IP it goes through our NetIron but times out just after that. I also threw in another imaged drive into the server; just in case of a bad image, and the same thing was still happening. The only thing I could think of was a misconfigured switch, or a bad NIC. But if a bad NIC then why could it ping itself and other servers on the subnet if failing at the switch and gateway. This has been bugging me all night/this morning. Any ideas? Edit: More info
  18. That's one thing I haven't checked yet to see when the last time the ARP table saw the server. I'm thinking our NOC didn't check everthing possible.
  19. Jaywalking doesn't change mankind or the course of history either but it's still against the law. Your looking for an exploit to use for your own personal gain/benefit.
  20. If you have a failing CMOS battery it sometimes resets the BIOS back to default. I would look there and just make sure everything is set up correctly.
  21. Some of it is on the same switch, some isn't. I was pinging a wide range of servers on the same subnet; with no failure. I haven't tried plugging through a different switch yet. I will try that tonight.
  22. Update: I'm still going but I'm looking for a piece of someone's floor to crash on. I planned on getting a room but my car has basiclly asploded which was my cash for the room. I'm willing to chip in for a spot to crash but can't afford a room now.
  23. Show definately kicked ass. Looking forward to more episodes; although my dogs trip out by all the whistling.
  24. Sounds like corrupted files. Try deleting and then re-installing the program again. This is a problem with your driver. I would suggest looking up the driver and downloading it to see if the problem continues.