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  1. I'm about 98% sure that this is phishing. If you haven't used PayPal for anything recently and want to be on the safe side then just call them, and ask about your account. They will let you know for sure if there is any suspicious activity on your account.
  2. my soul, time, well.. right now i'm teaching myself perl/wcl/and trying to learn c++, i'm also waiting for ubuntu to show up at my doorstep. i downloaded xubuntu, but it didn't like my bios after i made the cd, and i'm too lazy to flash my bios so i'll wait and see if ubuntu will work without my bios being updated. personally i think that the knowledge you gain through experience will help others out, such as when i had red-hat in the 9th grade, or mandrake, or even suse now. people ask questions, and perhaps i'll have the answer. i think this is what its all about. i need a project though, 'hey isox, go do this, go do that!'. that would make things a lot easier in my opinion. anyway, thank you binrev You may want to look into Verbal's mentorship program he has set up. Or since you're a big fan of the show I think they still need someone to write the show notes.
  3. I got 8 out of 10. The Bank of America got me too cause I looked at the URL and set it as phishing right away.
  4. It seems as though you are on the right track to start off. Some advice I would suggest, like neoeno mentioned; to read up on the things that interest you and there won't be a 1 stop site for everything you want to learn. These forums you will find will be helpful as there are many threads covering all sorts of topics. The search feature is great for finding things that have been discussed before. There is a basic newbie FAQ pinned at the top of this forum, and be sure to hit up the IRC channel. You may also contact Verbal and ask about the mentorship program as well. As far as the trial and error goes; well, it does take quite a bit of that to learn how things work. When you do trial and error; instead of guessing as to what might fix something, do some research and read up on the topic. Then go through the trial and error. Once you get it to work, then compare what the differences were from when it didn't work to when it did. Hope this helps get you started in the right direction.
  5. Take a look at #4 here.
  6. Honestly? 'NuffSaidz0rs Yes. He does know about his fans. He's known about them for a while. He /still/ says that there will never be another DR. Anyone familiar with the whole situation will know that the next DR will come sometime around the time when the sun changes into a chunk of coal roughly the size of a basketball. You can wish and hope for DR to come back all you want, you can also wish for the Tooth Fairy to visit you. They have roughly the same chance of happening. So your saying there is still a chance.
  7. You may try 'updating' the BIOS. Here is where you can find more info on updating the BIOS. Even if yours is up to date; when doing the BIOS update should wipe the old stuff out and start it from new again. This should clear out any BIOS passwords that you have.
  8. You may want to try several of these contacts. Abuse Support Address: Support URL: Account Security Support Address: Support URL: Account Support: Verification Support Address: Support URL:
  9. This thread is going nowhere quick. ::Locked::
  10. ::Locked::
  11. Nice! Looking foward to the other footage you got since I didn't get any. Did you guys do that Sat. morn/afternoon? I don't remember seeing that during the meetup.
  12. I think that no matter how much they warn people, celebrities especially; about password protection that they will ignore it or choose birthdate type passwords.
  13. When I used to work for Yahoo! on the webhosting end; if we had complaints about phishing sites and child porn we would have to check the site to see if it was valid. If it was then we called Sunnyvale to their "Swat" team and they would investigate. Usually within 5-10 minutes the site is offline and they would then forward the information to the FBI.
  14. Strom set one up awhile back. Here is the link to the thread about it.
  15. Look at number 9. ::Locked::
  16. Unless they are charging you with some sort of crime they have absolutely ZERO right to hold onto any of your belongings. If you have the officer's name or badge number I would call the police department, and ask to speak with his Seargant.
  17. I'm listening to the show now; whoever the asshole that keeps screaming into the phone, and interrupting is fucking annoying. The host has no control of the show whatsoever. Close to the end of the show now. Utter shit is the best way I can explain it.
  18. Link to Newbie FAQ pinned thread. ::Locked::
  19. I went ahead and pinned it in the Nubie HQ forum. As mentioned before; feel free to add to it if you wish. Here it is.
  20. I brought this up awhile back and began writing up a "Nubie FAQ" for questions that come up quite a bit in the forums. This is a few months old now and the first time it's been posted on the forum. Feel free to add on to the list if you want, but I wrote it to just get something started for the new folks to the forums. ::Newbie HQ FAQ's:: 1. How do I use exploits? - Discussion Thread. :Programs for assistance - Nmap and Nessus. :Reference material - Security Focus, and Irongeek. 2. How do I get the admin password for Windows XP? - Discussion Thread. :Programs for assistance - Login recovery, and John the Ripper. :Reference material - Password Recovery,, and many others. I would suggest reading the discussion thread. 3. How do I hack a website? - Discussions: 1 , 2, 3. 4. How do I get around web filtering like Websense? - Discussions: 1, 2, and 3. :Programs for assistance - It is probally easier to use a proxy to get around web filtering software. :Reference material - Babelfish, Proxy Blind, and Proxify. 5. What are proxies and how do they work? - Discussions: 1, 2. :Programs for assistance - There are tons of proxy server lists out there. Suggest doing a Google search for "Proxy", "Proxies", "Proxy Server", etc. ::Reference material - Wiki Proxy Info. 6. Where can I find more Hacker media like HackTV or BRR? - For general Hacker Media information check out the Forums. :Reference material - Infonomicon, Old Skool Phreak, WhiteSword TV, Packet Sniffers, Hak5. You can find links to other media here. 7. What are some good books to read that will teach me about hacking? - This all depends on what you are interested in learning. :Reference material - Cryptography, Programming, Networking, and Social Engineering. 8. Where can I find a meeting to attend, and what if no one is in my area? - If no one is in your area then start up your own meeting, and let others know about it! :Reference material - Bin Rev meetings - BRR listeners map, DefCon groups, 2600 meetings, and also search for a LUG (Linux User Group) in your area. 9. What Linux distro is the best? - Discussion Thread . :Reference material - Rundown on different distros, a test that may help you decide which is best for you, and you may also want to check out more distros' for yourself. 10. How do I learn how to hack? - Discussion Thread.
  21. I had a blast at DefCon! I met tons of folks from the forums, enjoyed the talks that I went to, and overall had a good time. It did suck that they shut down the penthouse cause some asshole decided to throw shit out of a window on Sat. night, but still got drunk in the Sky Boxes and 'Slots of Fun'. Big shouts to Lowtec and those guys for allowing me to store my shit and crash for a few hours. I OWE you big time. Some of the people I met while at DefCon: Verbal, updsidedown, DrZ2A, WhiteSword, Strom Carlson, Natas, Dual_Parallel, Sl1pm0d3, Elonka, Dessuis(sp?), ntheory, and others. I know I forgot some folks but I'm drunk, it's late, but feel free to give me shit if I forgot you.
  22. So we're a little over 2 weeks away from DefCon. I figured it was a good time for a meetup thread. I believe right now there is about 25 confirmed people going to DefCon from the forums. I know a few others who don't visit the forums on a regular basis will also be there. I'm arriving early as shit on Friday and leaving Sunday afternoon (If your getting there early Fri too then hit me up). So Fri or Sat night would be best for everyone I think. I haven't been to Vegas in like 20 years so I obviously don't know of any good places around there to meet up.
  23. I'll be landing in Vegas in about 22 hours. If anyone wants to meet up I should be at the registration area by about 10 am Vegas time.
  24. The 25 and 110 ports are for email. So assuming you're on a Windows box and have Outlook; then yes those ports are usually open so you can send and receive mail. Port 80 is what your browser uses to connect with the global interweb. I'm pretty sure that's right but then again, it's 5 am.
  25. OK. I know that Stank is out of contact for now, but I'll be meeting with him at the registration desk that night. I'm assuming we will coordinate the meet up from there, but everyone be ready. You fuckers that have a spare room I need one. I'll chip in for room costs.