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  1. Control Panel>Taskbar and Start Menu>Star Menu tab>Customize>Advanced>Uncheck "List my recently opened documents".
  2. Take a read through this. In that thread you will find a bunch of links for resource material. Also, use the search feature of the forums if you're looking for specific information. Chances are it has probally been discussed before to some degree.
  3. The editing of the topic was my fault. I was the one who edited it. I was trying to make the title more descriptive other than 'Plz help'. My apologies for those I confused.
  4. I'd be glad to help out but I turned off the messaging altogether on my phone.
  5. Payphone + OpDivert = FTW I've never actually tried this but I'm assuming that would be the way to go. /Don't leave a voice mail saying who you are
  6. Your question is pretty vague, can you clarify some more or give an example?
  7. This maybe related to the server issue. Please read the announcement on top of the forums.
  8. Check out #9.
  9. I run AVG and Symantec Corporate Edition (yes it's legit). I haven't had a problem with either so far.
  10. Pretty cool site that offers downloads of older programs that the sites/companies may no longer offer for download.
  11. You can even get AOL 1.0
  12. Length is 27:16
  14. McHost
  15. For those that don't listen to the whole thing or the audio is taken down off of putfile, Her name is Andrea, a supervisor, 888-581-1070 ext 2234. I downloaded the recording as well. I think he went through about 4-5 different people total. At one point during the recording he explained it in a way that they would have understood. However, he then strayed away from it for some reason. I'm talking about the part where he had them multiply the .002 by his KB. That was in cents, he should have told them to divide by 100, because they are talking about cents. I'm sorry, but I get so damn frustrated by listening to this and can't believe they are this dense.
  16. This was not my call. I saw this on earlier today and thought it seemed somewhat relevant to the forums. Although, listening to the call got me frustrated, and wanted to jump through the comp at the Verizon people.
  17. I seriously doubt this would happen due to the fact we were all n00bs at on point. Even if we did as xof7 mentioned, that would block members who are trying to learn. This forum isn't about 31337157 but for learning and expanding your mind. By locking down the forums in a way that you guys are talking about would result in less people getting involved into the scene. The n00bs are here to learn as much as anyone; those that aren't then us mods/admins deal with them accordingly.
  18. Mine didn't come back in squares, it was in Chinese.
  19. I dunno, probally the same people who pay $0.99 for a song per download.
  20. True, but for those that may be looking how to get around this and, willing to pony up some coin might look at this as a possiblity.
  21. I really hate to bring back this old thread, but I came across this video surfing through TotalFark last night and thought it was relevant.
  22. Check out these 2 threads.
  23. Yeah I saw that they finally added it, but at the time I thought it was only going to be on once.
  24. Doesn't T-Mobile automaticlly save the images to your account on their servers after you take the picture and save it to your phone?
  25. With the skills you say you have, ph0t0buck3t accounts should be the least of your worries. Use your skills for something more productive. ::To the people who decided to flame each other back and forth; this is not the place. Get back on topic or head to the Bit Box.::