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  1. Mindset The link above is kinda interesting. I have toyed around a little bit with it but not too much. Looks like Yahoo! is trying to determine what type of content people are searching for when they enter in keywords. This is adjustable by the slidebar. Seems like this is just a trial thing however, I received this in my Yahoo! Weekly Newsletter. Booter
  2. I wasn't referring to the number of results. There is a slide bar which changes your results. The number of results stays the same but it appears as though that moving the slidebar changes the order in which they come in based on "research" or "shopping".
  3. I'm not one to talk on the phone a bunch, but I do use my mobile to listen in on PhreakPhactor. I like my Cingular plan because the minutes roll over and it's free calling from Cingular to Cingular. Booter
  4. With out name names some was going to get me but they did not get it in time o will. I may get but I do not know ← Let me know what you decide on. I will register the domain for you and give you the info. Unfortunately, I can't pay for the hosting. Damn school loans. Booter