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  1. I haven't been on in a while, been busy with real life. I would say try changing it and let us know. The worst that can happen is that the server gives you an error and disallows the action and gives an out of sync warning. I say go for it.
  2. What kind of updates are you looking for? Have you got anything to contribute?
  3. I hadn't looked at the chicken coop to be honest, I had 2854 plowed squares, which was making crazy amounts of money and experience. The chicken coop didn't seem all that interesting. But I guess the mystery eggs could be of value to others. You can also change the settings of most other items in the game. For example, you can set the mastery flags to buyable. But when you buy an item like that the server responds with a "you don't have enough money for that item or that item is not buyable". You can see the error messages with "Charles" and modify the requests/responses. Things should be clearer when you use that. The other thing you can also do is modify the limited items availability. For example, I have some old gamesettings.xml files and if I take the following section: <item name="cow_green" type="animal" giftable="false" buyable="true" placeable="true" code="U3"> <limitedStart>11/02/2009</limitedStart> <limitedEnd>11/09/2009</limitedEnd> <requiredLevel>1</requiredLevel> <cost>2400</cost> <sizeX>2</sizeX> <sizeY>2</sizeY> <imageScale>1.2</imageScale> <growTime>1</growTime> <coinYield>18</coinYield> <action>harvest</action> <actionText>Green_Cow_milk</actionText> <insanityProbability>.5</insanityProbability> <image name="animation" url="assets/animals/cow_green.swf" /> <image name="frt_cycle" url="assets/animals/cow_green_full.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="frt_idle" url="assets/animals/cow_green_full.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="bk_cycle" url="assets/animals/cow_green_full.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="bk_idle" url="assets/animals/cow_green_full.swf" loadClass="mc" /> <image name="icon" url="assets/animals/animal_cow_green_icon.png" /> <sounds> <sound url="assets/sounds/animals/cow_01.mp3" /> <sound url="assets/sounds/animals/cow_02.mp3" /> </sounds> </item> Remove the <limitedStart> and <limitedEnd> lines and place it in the newer gamesettings.xml file and you can now see the cow in the market and buy it outside the limited time. The server doesn't do a check on the time and you're buying a valid item so it doesn't give an error. When you place an item, the message to the server will indicate whether you purchased the item or whether it was a gift. I was playing around with modifying the message to tell the server an item I usually can't buy was actually a gift when placing it. But the server gives an error on that.
  4. Don't waste your time with the chicken coop, The server again maintains the stats. Things that you can do by modifying the gamesettings.xml file (and not getting a sync error) are: Fuel costs, Harvester/Seeder/Tractor grid size, Avatar size/walkspeed etc... Zoom sizes I have messed with just about everything in the file. I use Privoxy for search and replace rules eg: FILTER: farmville_scale Do avatarScale modification s/avatarScale="0.5"/avatarScale="0.8"/g FILTER: farmville_walk Make walking faster s/walkSpeed="120"/walkSpeed="10"/g FILTER: farmville_energy Do energy mod s/<energyCost>1/<energyCost>0/g FILTER: farmville_SizeXY Do Size mod for Tractor/Seeder/Harvester s/<actionSizeX>2/<actionSizeX>40/g s/<actionSizeY>2/<actionSizeY>40/g Now, I just got locked out of my farmville account I have one additional hack that isn't as easy. It lets you farm way outside of your normal farmland boundaries. The messaging between the client and server are AMF. I did some man-in-the-middle packet modification to modify the amount of land the server tells the client it has. My land was 256x256, each plowed land square takes up 4 'steps', so that's a farm land of 64x64 farm-able land. I think I made a mistake by planting outside of the 256 boundary and now the server won't initialize my user anymore (error 500, internal server error) :S (LOL, it's pretty comical). So, here it is. I've attached the hacked proxy. <edit>Also here: It's a recompiled version of privoxy to do the hack. Uncompress the zip, run privoxy.exe, setup your browser to use proxy settings port 8118. And load farmville I'll share the code with whoever wants it, it's modified GPL code and so I can't keep it to myself anyway. Word of caution. If you increase your harvester/tractor/seeder to something very large (like mine: 40x40), then be prepared to wait a while for the client to finish syncing with the server. The client sends 10 actions to the server at a time, and can take a couple of seconds between messages, so that it can take a couple of minutes to farm the 1600 squares . Also, don't expect this to work too long. I expect that they will fix this fairly quickly. It's a simple fix on the server side of things.
  5. Not sure if it's the same thing, but it sure sounds like it. You plant then come back and harvest. I had the same impression, extremely boring, but it's extremely appealing to the masses out there. In my opinion it gives a sense of accomplishment to people who otherwise don't feel they get much accomplished in their lives. It can be highly addictive for people like that. Farmville has 40Million+ registered players, that's just insane! It also lets you have a virtual life where you can arrange your house and farm just the way you feel like it (and nothing bad ever happens). It's a massive time drain, but it's got mass appeal. An escape from reality.
  6. Wouldn't that mean that if you exited the game the fuel you bought would disappear? The fuel stats are sent to the client from the server during initialization. And every time you buy fuel from the market that transaction lets the server know you bought more. I think that every time you plow/seed/harvest with a machine the server will know whether to deduct fuel just to maintain it's own count. I need to track this down and try it, but I just don't have time right now.
  7. I believe that the fuel for the harvester/planter/tractor is just an internal variable to the client. It may be susceptible to modification via cheat engine.
  8. The server does keep everything in sync. Editing the amount of coins doesn't help because the client never sends that back to the server. I have been looking at the communication between the client and server and the client never transmits how many coins it has to the server. It only does transactions and the server maintains count of whether you have enough money to do that. EG, if you hack the memory location for coins to 100 coins, but actually have 5, then the client will let you plow a section of land. But the client will send a indication that it has plowed land to the server. The server will then respond with a success or a failure message, and will automatically deduct the cost of plowing from your account balance. If the server's coin count is 5 and you try to do an action that costs 10 coins, then it will send an error message that you don't have enough money to do that. So cheatengine is not the way to go here. The communication between the client and server is probably the best way, but you probably won't get it to update the coin count on the server unless there is a command to do that that we don't know about (since the client never does this). I have had some success modifying the requests and responses to and from the server, but most of that also only modifies the local variables of the client, so that doesn't really help anything. I have found something that's fun (but mostly cosmetic to the client), but don't really want to advertise what it is on here. The problem of finding something and posting it here is that this will inform the game's developers that there is yet another hole that they need to patch. This is probably good for them, not so fun for me if I'm doing stuff that the client isn't supposed to allow.
  9. I have edited just about everything in the settings file, from changing the grow times to modifying price of land expansions. The settings are only really for the client to behave correctly, the server maintains all of the stats anyway. The only setting that I found that doesn't really cause a problem is the size of the avatar, which is pretty useless. I don't think the gameSettings file is the way this game is going to get hacked.
  10. Yeah, I think this is a bit of a waste of time. You can change the settings in the config file (load it via fiddler as the other post says) so that you always get the 100 gold when you plow. The problem is that if you get this too often the server rejects it. I think it will allow only a certain number of these within a given time period.