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  1. Credit Card fraud is pretty big in Europe, Romanians actually have a system where they'll drive to western European countries such as Germany and attach card readers to the front of an ATM, the readers are wifi/cellphone capable and wirelessly send the data back to Romania. Usually when the armored car driver comes to fill up the machine they notice it's been tampered with but by that time the Romanians have already scored hundreds of valids. Card fraud is supposedly big in Russia too, but most of their numbers come from hacking small online retailers. I've read stories about American gangs like the Outlaws MC getting into identity fraud, but have never heard of it first hand. I don't see why most gangs would even bother with it when the profits from drugs are so much larger, card fraud is pretty low risk but it's time consuming.
  2. Local law enforcement WILL come down on you for shit like cloning, I have two high school friends that can attest to that. And although they don't actually prosecute, the FBI does investigate and will conduct raids in relation for computer crimes. IIRC those kids that hacked a DNS server and routed comcasts web traffic were raided by none other than the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And like phonejacks said, there was someone on this forum who went to jail just for dialing a phone number that Verizon didn't want them to dial.
  3. Oh they'll most definitely come after you for petty shit. Crimes involving financial transactions over the internet fall under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service, due to serious manpower restrictions they will not accept a case involving less than 250k in damages. However regional law enforcement (or in some cases the FBI) is free to track and prosecute the theft should it not meet the SS requirements, cloners get caught quite a bit. The thing is local law enforcement is ill-equipped to handle crimes like carding. So every major credit card company has their own theft investigation unit to locate carders for prosecution. But once again the charges have to exceed a certain amount for them to investigate (this amount varies from company to company), smart carders are able to avoid getting tracked down by staying under the CC companies radar. There doesn't even have to be any money involved, if they want to make an example out of you, they can send you to prison just for dialing the wrong phone number. Bouncing your IP off various servers doesn't necessarily make you anonymous unless those servers delete their IP logs, otherwise the feds could easily track you down by retracing your steps. The easiest way to hide your IP is through a network like Tor. Other than that you could buy an antenna to significantly increase your wifi range, then all you'd have to do is alter your MAC address and you'd be untraceable.
  4. thats a fuck no on the manga, but "The Art of Electronics" looks to be exactly what i'm looking for. thanks.
  5. I've been meaning to do this for a while but am just getting around to it now. I want to learn about how to build some basic types of electronics. I'm looking for a fairly comprehensive book that covers the most basic forms of circuit building to far more complex ones (physics class was quite a while ago). My ultimate goal is building circuit boards for SDR RF modulation/demodulation, and possibly some basic transmitters. But like I said, anything that covers the basics rather well is ideal.
  6. is getting owned along with the rest of the midwest

  7. How is this different from any other publicly available forensic suite out there? First of all you could just wipe shit you don't want the cops to find. Secondly if you use any kind of descent encryption, there's no way that little program is going to crack it this decade.
  8. Trying to make a portable wood stove that'll actually work decently. Fire, more complicated then you think.
  9. http://www.docdroppers.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page http://www.textfiles.com/phreak/ http://audio.textfiles.com/shows/defaultradio/
  10. Just out of curiosity, why would you seriously want to install Backtrack to your hard disk? the only real advantage would be a minor performance increase. You can't possibly be pen testing enough to justify the HDD space. And from the sound of your post, you plan on booting into backtrack as your default OS, why? There are so many distro's out there specifically designed to be a Desktop OS, BT isn't one of them. I keep a copy of Backtrack in my CD tray as a place holder, and if I want to boot into BT all I have to do is go into the boot list. Not hard. I don't even know if Backtrack has a package manager by default, so you'll probably be compiling from source.
  11. Philosopher and Stank are right, don't waste your time in the discussion groups, they're all spammed to holy hell and navigating them is a headache. However, the Phreak groups still had some good posters last time I checked (a couple years ago), some of them the ex-binrev/default crowd. But I don't know about Usenet "NOT" being great anyomore. I'd be lost without my usenet porn, it's beautiful, beautiful stuff man.