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  1. No point in reinventing the wheel think someone mentioned irongeek earlier http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/arpspoof read his article a while ago, he also has a tutorial which explains very well how to go ahead with arp poisoning. Had a similar issue before and with cain & abel I solved it, if you can't get you AV to stop whining about cain & abel I believe that you can exclude a folder from being searched.
  2. In Code We Trust 2.0 and backtrack, got a windows box with pass on it, boot icwt and 3-4 keypresses later open system works like magic. Backtrack has been used at work has some nice features.
  3. Also might wanna check out http://www.remote-exploit.org/backtrack.html at work we have used this to run a honeypot. Contains some nice tools for auditing too.
  4. Physical access is a problem and besides it won't help me, the isp requires authentication which I don't have. Their computer is only on while they need to use their computer and the time they are on in a month is at max 3 hours. If I had physical access to the computer it would be different but I don't. Seems the router ain't the way to go, routers these days probably got dos protection so any overflow of the kind is probably useless. Don't know if routers have any timeout after wrong passwords if so that would rule out brute and dictionary.
  5. Its not an American one so I very much doubt that you have heard of it.
  6. I still need to have login and pass for isp which will be gone if I reset it so that kind of rules it out. Seems I will just have to learn brutus or hydra then =) Thanks for input though.
  7. The port forwarding itself is not a problem done it a few times before, its gaining access to the router to do it. The brand is Zyxel B-2000 and the standard pass is changed, standard ip I am on the internal network I just don't have access to the router, also the router only requires a pass not a user name. Did try and run brutus a while back but lack some knowledge about it so I just got error messages when I was scanning. Might give Hydra a whirl later on, I know that on win boxes its possible to set a timeout after so many incorrect tries, does the routers have such a thing not user set but inbuilt?
  8. At the apartment I'm renting the people who own the place don't know a lot about computers and won't / can't setup port forwarding to my machine. They are seldom at home and most of the time they spend traveling. So I've thought a little bit about what I can do. 1. Gain access to the router and set up port forwarding myself. 2. Bounce to a remote host and make a tunnel of sort, downside is I have to trust a remote host and also I'll be using their bandwidth. Know little about security on routers if anyone could enlighten me to paths I can take that would be quite nice of them.
  9. What are snmp servers used for. SNMP management allows network administrators greater monitoring control. One advantage of SNMP is the ability to set traps. Traps can be used to trigger alarms in the event of a problem. For example, a wastewater treatment plant may have a remote pumping station with a SCADA system attached to several devices. The SCADA system has an un-interruptable power supply. Transition’s media converters are placed at each device to provide fiber to copper conversion. Communication between the pump and the main control station are done via Ethernet. The SNMP Management software can monitor the remote media converters and use traps to determine if there is a power loss to the pump station, which could then send notification to maintenance. SNMP Management allows for greater control and less downtime. Source http://www.transition.com/TransitionNetwor...Industrial.aspx hmm.. if they are monitoring the probes the admins will notice that the probes are sending info or not working properly. I cant make changes to it but i can log in and view settings.
  10. Had been looking for a program which could map all computers on site when i would plug into a new network. And after surfing the web for awhile i found it without looking Lansurveyor i think the prog was called. Not freeware but still it was of use for me. When i was looking at the map of the hub i was wondering what i was seeing. SNMP caught my eye and i picked a random SNMP server on the network and tried pinging it. Got an answer. Ran a port scan which reaveled telnet and ftp running. Tried connection with both telnet and ftp both went through without probs. Telnet login:user password: now that ive figured out this much i wonder what i could do with it. Since i dont know everything about networks i did some google search about snmp. And my understanding of it is that its some kind of probe/monitoring tool for the network (correct me if im wrong) since its already in place i thought packetsniffer. To get any further i need to find a way to crack/bypass the telnet system. Username is admin. Password=? Downloaded brutus and tried that one but it gives me a replie about not getting expected data and then he disconnects. I was looking at the connection procces and there it said something about read so many char/bytes before acting or some.. My memory aint that great. So if anyone has any input on this id be glad to hear it.