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  1. I want to help, but I'm *really* not sure what you're trying to do. I mean, I understand how you're trying to do it, but not sure what that it is. Maybe if you can give us some more detail we can figure out a solution. sav
  2. Hear that, brother. Quoted for truth.
  3. The support database for DD-WRT confirms that this is a 'usable' device: This presumably means that it is also usable with OpenWRT, which has a lot more flexiblity in functionality. However the small memory will probably mean that you won't be able to use it for Asterisk (might if you strip out all the GUI packages). Firstly since it is vxworks based you have to kill/remove that and then download the 'micro' image. Once you get that running have a play at installing new packages. Cheers, Mungewell. bah... while it seems to be supported - only the micro version.. not even the mini version is supported for this router, so if it can barely run dd-wrt i doubt it will be worth bothering attempting to install asterisk onto it... i really do not need asterisk for actual phone connections, i wanted to be able to call into the box, and have the option to ring back the number i called from, and to call out with a different SIP account, all remotely... perhaps mess around with other ideas further down the road, but those were the first two things i am interested in doing with asterisk... oh well.. downloading asteriskNOW to install on one of the PCs collecting dust in the closet right now.. Ive got one of those V5's for hacking around on, and have loaded it with the micro distro of DD-wrt. I was using it as a bridged wireless access point, but I found that the limited ram was negatively impacting the functionality, and therefore my whole wireless network. Have you considered using a la Fonera? I got mine when they were subsidized at $5, but they're on eBay now for anywhere from 30-50 bucks. They're plenty powerful, and it's pretty straight forward to solder on an SD Card, or an SD Card slot, so you can have all the storage you can stomach, in a package the size of a pack of Camel Wides. It's scary what thins thing can do! In addition to being able to run Asterisk, the meltyblood firmware runs a pretty complete distro of busybox linux, and has promiscuous drivers for the atheros antennas pre-compiled, so you can do accelerated wep cracking attacks on it. At $30 it's a steal, and at $5 it was absolute piracy Grtanted, I know that you're probably trying to avoid spending money, but I've always thought the Fonera was well worth the cash. sav
  4. Care to be a little more specific? Any web cam, or a specific model, or a specific camera on a specific computer? What Operating system? Is it a networked IP camera, or a usb camera attached to a computer? There are definitely ways of doing it. There's a big story in the news right now about a high school enabling web cams in school issued macbooks to "prevent theft" but reprimanded a student for allegedly selling drugs in his room. He maintains that was actually only eating mike and ikes. In windows there are several types of remote administration apps, and trojans, that have this capability. Then again, if you could own an OS remotely you could just enable it as that user.
  5. Hello to all, old, new, and lurky. So, anyone going to RSA next week?
  6. this one goes to 11! Is your avatar radical edward reading the forums? Also, according to my profile, my 5 year anniversary of <BR> is coming up in May?? Woah, I'm getting old.
  7. I believe I went to 13, 14, 15, and 17, missing 16 because I was getting married. Lame excuse, I know. Ohai You missed defcon to get hitched? Under the thumb dude, under the thumb I know, I know. My only consolation to that fact that I was one of the few hackers getting laid that weekend. I won't have that excuse for the next con.
  8. I believe I went to 13, 14, 15, and 17, missing 16 because I was getting married. Lame excuse, I know.
  9. Yus, I do believe I was with Natas and Stank at the hope before last when we met. Howdy!
  10. So here's what you need to know about axis cameras. The first and at the time most succesful exploit was the // attack. On some models, you could bypass the http auth login credentials by adding an extra forward slash in front of the admin page. This does not appear to work on any of the cameras you've listed. Additionally, the default login/pass for axis cameras/devices at the time was root/pass. Fun fact. I used to live in an apartment complex with a rock climbing wall in the "clubhouse" of the complex. This wall was protected by an access control syste using HID sensors and some unknown (at the time) back end server system. Turns out, HID had partnered with Axis to create an embedded linux device which controlled the contact closures which controlled the solenoids for the door to the rock climbing wall. And, wouldn't you know it, this device was on the same subnet as the free wifi available in the "coffee bar" (cheap shitty hot water + powdered bullshit) available in the club house. End result, the default password of root/pass would allow you into the web admin page of the doors in the club house. And, wouldn't you know it, since they were centrally administered by some third part vendor, they were available to the general web at the external IP address of the router of the internet in the "club house". Long story short, I was able to let myself into the rock climbing wall after hours using my ipod touch and the wifi connection available in the pool area. Sure was nice to not have to share the wall with random marines and jackasses...
  11. Ok ok ok... so I know, it's been 900 million years since I've posted here. In fact, I hardly recognize any of the handles here anymore, which means that most people are going to be like "Who the Eff is this guy??" Well, to answer that question, nobody special, just a dusty old handle that used to be a regular. I suppose my intention with making my very own first thread in over two+ years is that I'll feel a sense of obligation to check in periodically to see what's shaking. Mostly, though, I miss talking to Stank and haven't had much contact with the ol' Dawg in fucking AGES. Well, since last Defcon, anyway. Which is far too long, if you ask me. So in any case, Stank, and all of my DDP alums, past, present, and future, Whatup? What's the good word, folks? Now, we've got a mission. For as long as it has been since I've checked in, we need to get Blackratchet to resurface from the uber deep waters of whatever ocean he's been swimming through. Granted, I know how to get a hold of Blackratchet, but I think it would be fun as a community to grab some of the old schoolers back into the forums, kicking and screaming. This would be, as I imagine it, the web forum equivalent of abducting your friend out of his bed in the middle of the night to make him come to the bar with you, complete with blindfold, gag in the mouth, and creepy windowless van. Seriously though, I miss this forum, I miss this life. I hope that every single one of you fuckers who don't know me will post in this thread and say "ohai". Also, Stank; PM me. Is your phone number still the same? I want to catch up. Most sincerely and significantly-less-absently, savant fka stonersavant fka where the fuck have you been?
  12. That does look pretty slick. Motivating to get my server back up and running so I can play around with the SVN. I'm very interested in seeing your results getting the analysis module working.
  13. PurpleJesus, I hope you didn't use express shipping, as that's the one that goes through customs As far as how well they work, you need to tune them because they ship tuned to overseas frequencies. Get a small jewelers screw driver and take off the metal case (make sure to pull the button out first, I broke my first one that way). The range, when tuned, is about 30 feet give or take indoors. Outdoors the range isn't nearly as good. But still a neat toy. Also, the build quality on them is complete shit, poor soldering and gobs of hot glue. I hear the BIG one, for $75 or whatever, is a much better unit. It's just large as hell, more ideal for car mounting.
  14. Do you mean video like streaming video, or like MMS? MMS stores video in very small clips, whereas RTSP is server-side based video which streams video to the handset if the bandwidth is available. We are working on stuff at work to push security footage to handsets using h.264 sav
  15. DF, Am I nuts, or is the 2600hz in the Youtube video waaaaay off? Seemed like the pitch was a lot lower. In any case, beautiful box. I'm still trying to build mine but I think I fried my components. Thbbbt.