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  1. yea, you can just call thier cell number, wait for their voicemail box to pickup ,and hit # ,that is the standard for most voicemail boxes, and even on some homephone voicemail boxes you can use pound to get a password prompt. and on cellular providers like cingular, if you are calling from the phone number, that is the same number as the voicemail it does not prompt you for the password. so im prettysure if you spoofed thier number, and called thier VM box you could get in w/o a password. *edit* excuse me for confusing star with pound
  2. is there a way to load Menuet onto a USB drive and boot from that? that would be SO much easier for computers lacking a floppy drive
  3. the voting isn't required. you just have to look at the voting site * you just click the "i was forced to vote" link and it still takes you there, and the password is labeled below the leech-it boards link. then you just copy the password and use it.
  4. i just got this email, from 2 different people, one being my mother, and am just wondering if anyone here has heard about this or if it is real or not.. its pretty interesting or am i just getting lied to and i guess i'm trying to call this bullshit if its fake. This is the email i got
  5. Thanks i just wanted to clear that up, i could have probely just gone to snopes myself. but i was on BinRev already and started to post, blame my laziness.
  6. lol sorry, i think iv got it figured out. i just need to go and try it out. thanks for the help
  7. southwestern ← OK...The Verizon phones will behave differently based on whether the wire center you're calling from is a former GTE area or a former Southwestern Bell area. If it's a Verizon phone served out of an SBC switch, it's a COCOT. If the number is unreachable from both Verizon pay phones, SBC pay phones, and home telephones, then the number is probably restricted by the interexchange carrier from being called from your LATA or NPA. If it fails to work only from coin phones, then the interexchange carrier may have restricted these to not be callable from coin phones. I highly doubt that Verizon is preventing you from calling the number, since doing so would be blatantly illegal. ← I can call the calling card number from my home phone, and my cellphone, but when i talked to the operator she said it was beucase i was on a verizon phone, and asked if could reach a sprint pay phone near me. i told her that the only phones i could reach were verizon or SBC and both of them did not work. i guess the interexchange carrier has restricted the calls to sprint calling card services. is there anyway i can get around this?? could i call a different dial around service like Telus, or are there any suggestions for a solution so i can make calls with theses lovely free minunits folgers has provided for me lol.
  8. southwestern I'l try the 10102880 again- it seemed to connect then go silent, i guess i just didn't understand, if i call it from anywhere else it talks to me first.
  9. ah i got like a million folgers cards, and when i tried to use them at a pay phone close to me, actually 2 pay phones close to me, they said the call could not be made in my service area, and that was just trying to call the calling card number, no dial around or op-divert. i called the op on the verizon Pay phone and she told me beucase it was a sprint number it would not go through. and when i tried to Op-divert through the Bell phone the guy just disregarded everything i said bout being special and connected my call to a recording saying toll free calls could be made by caller only. and when i called on the verizon phone, when i told the operator i was visually impaired, she connected me to her supervisor and her supervisor told me to find someone to dial the number for me. i am so bummed - i cant use my folgers cards in my area because there are no sprint pay phones i can get to, only verizon and Bell, whats the deal. if i could get an operator to dial the 800 number for the folgers card would i be able to use it, or am i just stuck?
  10. im a stoopid noob adn didnt see the "dont be a penis" rule sorry bout that
  11. sorry bout that.. i got what i needed. il try to follow the rules..