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  1. 'teh' deleted.
  2. If you want an invite....I will give you one... Email me and I shall provide... ghostless [at] silenceisdefeat [dot] org
  3. Also wasn't some company developing a way to track RFIDs with wifi... Scary...
  4. Ah I see... Well... I believe the answer is... Yes, this program can do that... Just aquire the prgram and find out It is the standard for copying hardrives so I'm sure it must be good...
  5. HAHAHA... It looks like permenant marker haha...
  6. Thats pretty awesome....And a little scary... I don't really like the idea of someone being able to track me... Especially not being able to track me based on my computer... And really...Wifimetros (which is a great term by the way) are deffinatly a thing that we will be seeing a lot more of in the future...
  7. Can't you just do that from the boot menu thinger? How is this drive connected?
  8. Norton Ghost... I believe it is good... Commercial software... But I'm sure you can aquire it without problem... I believe on some version you can even copy hardrive to hardrive through a network...although I'm not sur eif you can on the personal version that might be just the business version... give it a shot...
  9. Here some stuff on iPod insides... Good stuffs...
  10. Yea when your going to spend that much on something...A good deal on shipping doesn't really matter...haha.
  11. Haha And wow those gumstix things are awesome!
  12. I know the problem! Your using windows! Problem solved!!! :voteyes: :voteyes: :voteyes:
  13. Awesome I needed a tut on this! You rock!
  14. It's ok I wont have this problem again... I have enough Folgers cards to last a lifetime... Even if they do expire in a year... =(