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  1. This might sound noobish!..... ...but is it possible to remote forward a landline or any other telephone (be it a cell phone line) to another line of one's chosing without: (1) having physical access to the phone? with physical access we know you can do *72 or *62 (whatever that code is. used for call forwarding) (2) calling the service provider (the telephone company) to do it from their end. So in essence, I want to be able to pick a number and have that number forward all calls to it to a number of my choosing. I've heard rumours that this is somehow possible and that some people are doing it. FYI: I'm not looking for vanity/local numbers or toll free number (there are abundant sellers for those online, I'm aware). So I'm not looking for buy a number I can use to forward calls. I'm looking to be able to forward of existing numbers to a line of my choosing. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. No One cares to help me out...someone? Please... where are all the expert and gurus??..Am I alone in this universe?
  3. My first question is: Is it possible to spoof the class of service when spoofing a call. Primarily to make it look like it POTS -- 00 ??...I mean in any fashion, shape or form?? Second, are there any way(s) or any service that can make REAL TIME ANI spoof?..as i understand it..FLEX ANI is the only one these so ubiquitous spoofing(spoofcard, stealthcard, phonegangster etc) things can do, right? Third, can anyone tell me if: bluffmycall(another paid spoof provider)has CID and BTN set as same? Like i read somewhere on this board where a guy said chacha didnt reply his sms when he used spoofcard but they did when he used his VOIP (callwithus). Fourth, I read on google (just thru junk reading)that there is a phone company that sends ANI fail if a call if spoof'd thru their system and it send the CID as the ANI....in other words: it says when the local number issued to u by the service provider is forwarded to another number (either a 1800 number or any other number)and then a spoofed call was now made to the local forwarded number that the CID from the incoming spoof will be the ANI/BTN....If so, does anyone which provider this is? Finally, How do i get started on setting up my own asterix with voip..please assume i know nothing whatsoever(I don't LOL) Thanks to all that answers my questions.