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  1. We sort of did that to our school computers by removing the BIOS-battery and keeping it out for at least 30minutes. Next we ran a program called OPHCrack (can be downloaded from here: and mounted it to a DVD, using Nero Burning Room. Later we booted the computer from the DVD and extracted the admin password (OPHCrack is quite self-explaining). There is offcourse not necesarry to have the admin pswd to instala new OS as this can be done from the bootscreen, either with a HDD, CD or USB. So currently i'm running both XP and Windows 7 RC on my school computer and it runs like a dream! Hope this was an answer to your question!
  2. Searched for "mutating algorithm code" and magically ended up here because of google....
  3. I sort of started out by reading different articles on forums and off course used the all knowing page called "google"... From there i developed by reading books and started to learn some basic programing languages. Still think I know way to little and thats why I joined here, to expand the horizon of hacking and computing in general!
  4. Hi! Looking forward to use this forum.