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  1. You know, I have an SPARC Ultra 5 running Solaris 10 (not OpenSolaris). It used to run Solaris 8, but I had the chance to snag a copy of 10... I honestly feel that the box runs faster with 10 than in 8, but I do not have any benchmarks to back it up, but this machine is my primary desktop... SO i notice changes in it Not sure where one would get a copy of Solaris 8... Mine came from the magic SunOS fairies. And with the Oracle behind the Sun wheel these days... who knows... Also Solaris 8 is that strange time before Solaris 9 and 10... its missing loads of toys...
  2. Ya, just a FYI: cron does not take in your environmental vars. So you'll have to set them yourself. (including DISPLAY) Also I noticed this: #hopefully set some of the environment variables properly... #/home/zandi/.profile To parse that file you will need to change it to (note the space): . /home/zandi/.profile OR source /home/zandi/.profile ~good luck
  3. Using hjkl for arrows is when your shell is in vi mode. You can set your keybindings to vi or emacs. This has nothing to do with `old school AIX' or `termcap' its a shell setting. (AIX ships with ksh, which is set to vi mode by default): bash/ksh: set -o vi OR set -o emacs zsh: bindkey -v OR bindkey -e Now back to termcap, these days you can get away with TERM=linux, TERM=xterm, or TERM=rxvt for most applications. Sounds like you are having trouble with GNU screen? Try setting your termcap info in your .screenrc (check the man pages for more details, anything vt100 should work). ~mah 2 cents
  4. > Simply because I my intuition would suggest that context switching, > e.i. changing your memory maps and flushing your cache to enter > kernel-space would be too much overhead. No, kernel space is faster.
  5. How secure do you think it is? 100% open VOIP has way more options with security than the PSTN, which is traditionally has no security practices.
  6. man, I messed up my plans and now I don't have a room. If anyone is interested in a roommate let me know, Im sure i can make it worth your time... Just pm me for details...
  7. Hey, Le Radio 3 is out. This seems to be our best episode yet. Please feel free to post any questions, comments, and criticisms. Or you can email them to: le DOT radio AT gmail DOT com Also if you find ANY articles or have a topic you would wish us to cover please email us at the above address. Your input is fully welcome You can grab episode 3 @ http://www.podcastincubator.com/leradio/eps.htm Thanks, -LexDysic PS. You can reach us at Telephreak Ext: 1751 First few people to leave us voice mail get a "prize" aka nothing but you should send us voice mail anyways!
  8. Give it to me
  9. Hmm... I didn't get that message. I just got one saying that I need to be using Windows... Im guessing that the player may be for locals only or somthing... Who knows... -LexDysic
  10. Thats kinda strange... I've been listing to www.virginradioclassicrock.co.uk on and off... I live in the USA and I've never even noticed that they filter who can listen... I havn't listened to them in a while now so I'm going to the site to see if it says anyting about that... -LexDysic PS. I just checked the site... I still dont understand what you are talking about... You don't need a proxy! Just connect to the stream and go! That simple. Heres a link: http://www.smgradio.com/core/audio/mp3/live.pls?service=vcbb I got that link form the www.virginradioclassicrock.co.uk site... No where on there do they mention anything about filtering... Let me restate that ANYONE CAN LISTEN TO THE STATION AND YOU DONT NEED A PROXY... there, I said it.
  11. Good man! Just be careful, its kinda hard to get to work if this is your first distro. But when you get it working you'll know that it was worth it Red Hat is good if you are just starting out, but it is just way to, "bloated" with uneeded things. The reason why most people prefer Slack is that it is well known for not running things you don't need. -LexDysic
  12. Yea then you have the OS, and no apps, and unless you are into figuring things out, from my experiences installing anything is a bitch. Use knoppix until you understand it fully. ← Umm... Your talking about Linux right? First off if he installs a Linux distro it wont have "no apps" its called packages... Most distros of Linux come with a wide choice of packages on the CD. Second, most Linux software is Open Source( www.opensource.org ) Meaning that it is FREE. So there you have it. Third, unless you are a complete idiot you should be able to figure out how to use linux just by using the man pages and your best friend google. But ya, being a Linux fan its fustrating to read people telling others that it is to much of a hassle to use... its easy Also, Knoppix is THE WORST WAY TO LERN LINUX!!!! It does everything for you!!! How are you spossed to learn ANYTHING if it boots up and works everytime!! Also, saving your settings is a pain in the butt! So ya, start with somthing like Red Hat. Then move the Slackware. Then Install Gentoo(you will learn a crap load), then go back to Slackware because Slack is the way to go Thanks, -LexDysic But thats the exact OPPSITE mantality of everyone here! Come on have some fun LEARN somthing!
  13. I downloaded all of them ← Its not as phun that way...
  14. Haha, thats pritty cool! Also the Group Bell recordings are awesome... Listening to them now -LexDysic
  15. Here are some links, I included links to Jamming GPS too because I find it more useful to protect yourself from thoes damn cellphones that track you and what not... Just be CAREFUL emergency services use GPS too so you have to make sure that what you create is low power enough so it does not interfere with them. http://www.trilightzone.org/gbppr/mil/celljam/ (they even have schmatics to guild a gps jammer that you put by your cell phone to stop it from tracking you) http://www.hackaday.com/entry/1234000777032762/ (contains usefull links and comments) http://www.phrack.org/phrack/60/p60-0x0d.txt (plans for a GPS jammer, use uudecode to view the schm.) I have more links from when I built this stuff... I'll try to dig it up. Becides the FCC having 0 power over me why should I care? Its our airwaves so lets take em back from assholes... inclucing, but not limited to Clear Channel... -LexDysic