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  1. Thanks guys. The more I think about, I think my memory is actually merging those two distros, and I'm currently searching for an imaginary combination of both of them. Thanks for the quick responses
  2. I remember seeing a linux distro a few years ago that was a multimedia driven package. It had a lot of digital content tools like audio software, graphics and animation packages, etc. I think I recall it had a pretty slick design with the website/window manager. Personally I'm a Debian guy myself, but my friend at a VFX company was looking into FOSS solutions for workstations. I couldn't remember the name for the life of me, and googling didn't turn up much.
  3. Not that this point really matters, but I'll mention that 256mb ram doesn't cost $70. I'd be surprised if you had to pay more than $10 for it. You can find 2gb for $50
  4. I believe you sign up in your time-machine set to 1991, I believe that's when this was recorded. There's no modern distributor of animated, vicious, three-headed dogs? Disappointing.
  5. Holy crap, that's some intense security. Where do I sign up?