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  1. I have been looking at VB lately. What I would like to do is experiment with IRC bots a bit on my home network that I am building so I can remotely control computers from my laptop. I was wondering if there are any SDK's out there to help me do this. I understand I will need to program my own server/control program, which I will have access to. Then I need to create an invisible client for each machine. Does anybody know of any good websites for this information. I am looking for VB specifically. I will probably create a website for this software as well. Probably even publish the source code if I can get it working.
  2. Glad you told me that. Cant believe I spent about an hour messing around with the ping command and writing batch files for nothing, lol.
  3. Hey all, I was bored on my course earlier, so I tried sending a ping of death on Windows Server 2003. However it wouldnt let me ping anymore than 655000 bytes I think it was, dont quote me on the exat amount. I was just wondering if there was anyway I could fool Windows into thinking I was sending ;ess bytes than I actually am. Its just that reinstalling windows over and over again gets pretty boring and we have a few machines with no-one using them so Im using them for experimental purposes.
  4. Thanks guys for the advice. Ive just installed Linux on my latop and got it dual booting no problem. Gonna start playing with it a bit more soon. Just want to get my Windows Server Exam out the way first, tomorrow. Also gunna take a look into Python. Decided that for Windows programming I am gonna stick with C++ as I used to be pretty good at that anyway. I just got sidetracked into games programming but didnt get very far as the maths was pretty complex. Also gunna have a play on the newtwork that I have access to in the classroom on my course. Does anyone know where I can find a user friendly guide to all the DOS networking commands like finger, nslookup, etc. I understand the basis of nslookup and ping but not 100% on all the cmd line parameters, just wondering if there is anywhere that explains all this in plain English. Also I have been trying to telnet onto other hosts, but reckon I need a port scanner to find an open port, am I barking up the right tree here??
  5. Hi all, this is my first post on this website. I have always had an active interest in computers and I have some programming experience although I have not done any for quite a while so I thought I would ask for some advice. I am currently doing a networking course and I have covered an intro to Linux. However i am mostly using microsoft server 2003 and currently learning about microsoft exchange. On the Linux side I am continuing to teach myself more advanced things and have recently ordered the book "Hacking the art of exploitation version 2.0" which covers Linux, Networking, Cryptography and programming in C. However I am a bit puzzled on what programming language to learn for the windows side. I am interested in security programming, I would also like to program my own prt scanner, IP scanner and brute forcer. I also aim to look into wifi networking as well. However what would be the best programming language to learn to rpogram these sorts of utilities? I seem to have found some good vb scripts which I understand and reckon I could use in my own software. However is VB capable of decent network programming. Or should I be looking more towards VC++ or VC#. Is it possible to write my own programs that can launch VB scripts or Perl scripts using these languages. Last time I did any any serious VC++ programming was with VC++ 6.0 which used Win32, is this still usable with windows Vista?? Sorry I am just out of the programming game and it seems to have changed a lot.