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  1. It sounds like you have a problem with capitalism, which is fine, but cracking one of its manifestations isn't going to to do much as a retort. I don't see any other reason to attack any particular company. You might also want to consider that this company wouldn't be in business if there weren't a demand (created arbitrarily is another issue) for such a game. Any particular company fulfilling this niche is arbitrary. You want to attack a placeholder? I think your fight is better directed at capitalism. You want to change patterns of demand? I think you want to fight human nature (aka culture?). You want to do either of those things? I think you're wasting your time. MT
  2. I've actually been kind of amazed at the popularity of this game. I suppose it mirrors any other RPG that somewhat mirrors real life: put time into a skill, and it'll develop. It's just sad that the skill we want to put time into is making clothing in an online world etc. Or maybe it's not sad, I haven't decided yet. Regardless, I've been tossing around scripting my own facebook game where people have to do laundry, take out the garbage, and vacuum the carpet. I figure, if they like everyday activity so much, maybe this game'll be a hit by association. Or maybe they could just do my laundry. Either way.
  3. legit from Latin 'legere' meaning ordered, loosely: lawful. No?
  4. Salvete omnes, I just thought I'd forward you all a free resource that I've found both very noble, and very educational. My primary hat has always been that of a scholar, and so I like to browse the scholarly channels when they're available. One of the more notable sources I've found is a repository of free seminars, lectures, and courses offered by a variety of prestigious universities: Academic Earth. The primary reason why I suggest this resource to this forum is that they do have a rather large Computer Science lecture set, complete with an introduction to programming and principles, up through Net security, data structures, and even assembly language. If, by chance, you're also interested in various other disciplines, you might also browse their philosophy, or social sciences sections for some enlightening topics. Again, this recourse is free, and I've found it to be a very good supplement for self-study. Take a peek:
  5. Hello, everyone. New to the forum, though I've known about it for a while. I'm a CS major, looking a like-minded community. Currently I know (with varying fluency) Perl, Python, C, Java, JS, Assembly (AVR, learning Intel x86). I'm really interested in learning network programming and migrating fully to a linux environment. I also have some amateur video games I'm developing for fun. I hope to benefit from, and add value to the discussion here.