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  1. More like the hacker finds a way in your house, the cracker just breaks the door down.
  2. VirtualPC works great for me, but I haven't tried VMWare, so I can't say which is better.
  3. Instead of storing countless hours of nothing, you should look into motion detection programs, which will only start recording when they detect movement.
  4. Your exactly right, Yet none of us is exactly one hundred percent clean, I do believe i can attempt to disuade people from taking drugs like Cocaine, Meth, and Heroin. I also believe if they want to go through two days of psychadellic hell, let them... Also marijuana doesn't wreck your mind i did not mean to come across that way... Most things in books and on the internet on marijuana are myths aimed at disuading people from using them... --Bill Gevstorvsky ← People will do as they please. "Dont do it! It is bad for you!" wont cut it. "OMG THE TERRORISTS ARE BEING FUNDED IF YOU SMOKE POT!!" ..wont work either. If someone is set on doing something ( a drug, murder, whatever ) ..they will do it. Telling kids that pot ( or whatever drug ) funds terrorists and it ruins them and such may get to a few. Maybe if you are really into this "Drugs bad." thing, find a local junkie and let em talk to the kids . That would probably give them an idea that certain drugs should not be taken. ( Though its probably not wise bringing a random junkie around children. Maybe one that is going through rehab and is willing to talk to children about it?...Probably better(?)) Even then, if [insert name] wants to shoot up some heroin or smoke meth or whatever...It will take place. This thread needs to die. It serves no actual purpose. Edit: Before someone says "But alot of the posts here serve no real purpose!!" Then i have said it for you. So there isnt much left to say now. End. Suggestion: A move to "Off-Topic" ← I agree with you, for the most part. But I also think you can persuade someone intelligent not to do some drugs by presenting the facts to them. It also helps if they know you're impartial when it comes to drugs.
  5. I think the original poster was referring to people asking for someone to do something for them. Like I recall a poster asking if anyone wanted to help them hack their school. I don't think he's implying that any discussion on BinRev is illegal, just the actions people are asking other people to do.
  6. Erowid is the best. ← Erowid is good, but I generally don't offer it up to people looking to argue against drugs. Even though the information is impartial, it looks pretty pro-drug. I, instead, offer people the oportunity to argue against a drug. They usually bring up urban legends or common misinformation. At that point, I start linking them to medical studies and articles published by reputable sources.
  7. It depends on what drugs they're doing. There aren't a lot of common drugs that will "ruin" your mind, at least physically. Addiction is an entirely different beast, and it not exclusive to drugs. Saying that all hackers/phreakers need to stop doing drugs is ludicrous. Instead, you should research drugs and put the information out there. I can't stress the fact enough that you won't convince the people in the community to not do drugs by saying "I'm 100% clean, drugs rot your brain, don't do them!" It only works if you can make a valid argument against specific drugs. I can argue in favor of taking drugs like LSD, Mushrooms, and Marijuana all day, because I've researched them extensively. However, I would try to dissuade anyone from doing drugs like Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, etc. Ultimately, people that gravitate towards the more serious drugs are going to do them, regardless of what someone on a hacking forum tells them, so it's essentially a lost cause.
  8. I imagine if you have a widely used script as the only uploaded file on your account, they'll flag it and terminate service. I'm interested playing with their scripting engine, so I have my own script that I wrote for the spoofing, as well as some other scripts I was just playing around with. I don't plan on using the service, so I'm not worried about them shutting my account down. I'm not looking for information on how to do it just to do it, I'm just curious about it. Sure, calling a few numbers with spoofed caller ID info would be fun, but above all else, I'm just trying to learn about it all. I welcome any posts pointing out VoIP services that offer CPN spoofing, as well as alternatives to services like Camophone, but I'd also like as much info on it as I can find. I'm having a problem finding detailed information about how services like Camophone pull it off. Are they just VoIP services that offer caller ID spoofing? What gives them the power to do this, and how much does an operation like that cost? I'm surprised there aren't very many, because it seems like if it was an illegal service, they'd be shut down fast, and if they were a legit service, more clones would be popping up. I'm slowly reading and listening to the sites that everyone has posted in this thread, but I'm always ready to read more. If anyone has some more good links, or even some information they'd like to share in this thread, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. The "pay service" costs two cents per minute. It's cheaper than sneezing. ← Yeah, I understand, but I'd rather learn about it, even if I can't do it on my own. However, I'd also like to see a list of any pay services that offer this. Thanks. ← With BeVocal you're not spoofing ANI. You're spoofing CPN. vXML is interesting but there isn't a cheap way of implimenting it yourself, you have to use their engine. To spoof CPN you can use NuFone or VoIPJet. Also if you had a PRI you can set your own number on that. Does anyone know if you can set CPN on ISDN? ← Ahh, I was just assuming it was ANI because that's what the field in the tag was called.
  10. The "pay service" costs two cents per minute. It's cheaper than sneezing. ← Yeah, I understand, but I'd rather learn about it, even if I can't do it on my own. However, I'd also like to see a list of any pay services that offer this. Thanks.
  11. Well, I've looked through some of these things. Just messing around, I've learned some vxml from BeVocal and asked them to enable ANI spoofing on my account. It's Labor Day, so I'm guessing they aren't going to respond to my request today. BeVocal is very interesting, and I'm having fun playing around with their engine. Are there any other similar sites? Also, since the last two posters are providing conflicting information, is there any practical way to spoof caller ID, besides using a pay service? Thanks for all the replies.
  12. Thank you, this is exactly the kinda stuff I'm looking for.
  13. I am interested in learning how to patch a pre-compiled program to allow more than one instance to running. I don't have any particular program in mind, but a good example would be AOL Instant Messenger. It only allows one instance to be run at once, but people have provided programs to patch the exe to allow you to run it as many times as you want. Any information regarding this topic would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. First of all, let me state that I have no knowledge regarding phreaking. I would appreciate information regarding phreaking. I've looked, but it's very hard to find any information that makes sense to a newbie, and even harder to find information from this decade. In particular, I'm interested in learning how services like camophone work. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Edit: After reading my post, I just wanted to clarify that this isn't an elaborate post to learn how to spoof caller ID displays. I realize this probably takes a lot, I'm just wondering how it works. I'm also interested in any information regarding phreaking, not just that. Thanks.
  15. Yes, they are using TOC2 now. I'm not sure what bot program you're using, but if you have the source, I can fix it for you relatively easily, provided it's C++, VB, or PHP.