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  1. New muzzleloaders still aren't that accruate.

  2. I am talkin about brute forcing it. I need a wordlist to do that though.
  3. I saw a post about a 20 something gig list converted to 74mb's earlier but does anybody know of or have any HUGE and i mean HUGE brute force lists that they can share? I am looking for one that starts from a and ends with numbers and symbols. I need it to have them all and maybe go all the way to 12 char strings long. Not too many people use passwords longer than 8 strings so I figured 12 would be plenty. Anyways please help if you can. Thanks. p.s. the file can be 32 gigs in size and I won't care. double p.s. this is for cracking into my moms router... WITH HER PERMISSION! And I would just like to have a huge list I can use if needed ever again. She told me she doesn't want to reset it because she will lose all her settings on it and she doesn't know them. So I told her I could do it this way and she said go for it, because it won't hurt anything.
  4. Look into cheat engine as well.
  5. 2 ways of doing it. 1. Crack their WEP/WPA encryption and once you're on their network you can try to log into their computer via the network. 2. Crack their WEP/WPA encryption and once you're on their network you can use ettercap to capture their passwords being transferred across the LAN. But for your sake I am not going to tell you how to do that. I am going to let you research on how to do it. I will just supply the idea that you need to do it. Look into downloading Backtrack 3.
  6. I can stop it... all i do it hit stop. or alt + f4
  7. Alright well I appreciate the help. It's opened my eyes a little more than they were.
  8. Well there is no WEP or WPA encryption of any kind. It is just an open connection that gets picked up by airodump. As soon as this AP or...wireless bridge is picked up, it shows it has about 10 associated clients connected to it. No We use to buy service through this guy. He setup a wireless bridge or some sort of antenna at our house but I don't ever remember seeing any sort of cable box that it went through.(Nor did we have to type in a password) I think it was basically just what he said... a bridge. I don't know for sure how a bridge is any different because it still works on a wifi signal. I remember asking him if I had a laptop would I be able to connect to his wireless router through it and he said no because it's a bridge. I never saw what the difference was because if I can see his bridge/AP then I would figure I could connect to it. Well in some cases where you don't have to type in an encryption key such as connecting to a pay per surf hotspot you can hijack people's connection from them if you have a better signal or just surf along side of them with dual MAC addresses. I kind of thought maybe this could be the same instance... but like I said that's why I came here for help cause I don't know anything about wireless bridges.
  9. Does anybody know anything about wireless bridges? I was wondering because there is a huge wireless network in my little town and my wireless router always picks it up. We use to use this network before it started sucking really bad. I am wondering... if I spoof my mac address would that allow me to automatically connect to this wireless network? Or what would I have to have to connect to this? Do I need a wireless bridge to connect? I never had to type a password in to connect before but I had some of this guys equipment which was a wireless bridge he said. But what I am really wondering is... if I can see this wireless network from my laptop shouldn't I be able to connect to it too? Possibly by spoofing somebody elses mac address that is associated with it?
  10. yea but that would need a client to spoof and that would still kinda rule out the whole no clients thing. But if you were to brute force a mac. That would be kinda cool but still you would be brute forcing. My whole reason for the post honestly was to find a way without deauthing or brute forcing. Maybe some sort of packet decryption method. Where you could use your data packets to crack the actually SSID. I know it sounds dumb but it was just an idea. You would think it is impossible but look how far technology and security has come. You can crack into a network wirelessly. Seems like 10 or less years ago you had to use a phone line to get on the internet.
  11. Haha i love that idea. YOU GET A REP POINT!
  12. My question is... why would you disable all the teachers accounts? Changing your grades and deleting the security file should had been enough. Or atleast try and delete your entry and the change. That way nothing looks tampered with. No need to be destructive with it and disable the teachers accounts. They still have grades and stuff to upload as well. I condone you on your hack and I would commend you more if you told your administrator how to fix this problem. Hackers are hackers because they can manipulate programs but shared wisdom is what got us all here in the first place. If you pass on your knowledge on to your admin, you can still go down in school history for your hack but keep people from trying to out do you in the future by stopping that same backdoor. If you want, go as far as to make them try to hack their school another way. Nobody can stop people from trying to hack. Hackers will always be around. "Knowledge isn't knowledge unless it is shared." - Unknown
  13. Those are all cool thoughts but they still go back to the idea of brute forcing the SSID in a way. I was implying getting it by decrypting the packets they send out even though it's hidden. I read some articles and they all say yes they send out packets but they all have a null byte of 0 when it shows up. So not much you can decrypt with that. BUT! there are some routers who are subject to using the filters: wlan.fc.type_subtype == 0 (association request) wlan.fc.type_subtype == 4 (probe request) wlan.fc.type_subtype == 5 (probe response) Which said that some will actually give you data from the probe requests. I haven't had time to test it yet. Work before play. As for Zombokat... all I can say is, Hate me all you like it just makes me more popular. A probe request (I could be wrong) doesn't do anything to get the SSID when cloaked; passive tools such as Kismet are much better at getting a cloaked SSID. Also, bruteforcing is not very good because if WEP-PSK is used, the router (not sure about clients) will only respond when a WEP key is given, packets are authenticated.. No matter what, in that case, you need a client that is authed to spoof it's MAC. Hey, maybe some routers will consider their own mac trusted and work w/o auth? EDIT: i tested this and the wlan considers the lan port/MAC addresses trusted with one of my routers... Could be cool, but one would need a MAC from the LAN port.... Perhaps I may try writing a PERL script that will try brutefircing the LAN MAC addresses with Aireplay-ng. OF course only a POC as it would be next to useless in the real world.... Good good ideas man. I have thought about the mac address spoofing idea... but I don't think that will work because when a client reassociates with an AP they resend the IV packets that you use to relay when you're cracking a WEP key. I have heard it works for hijacking people on a pay for AP you know the ones where you put in your credit card info and it connects you automatically without putting in a wep key. But that's about it. The perl script idea sounds bad ass. Keep me up to date if you will on that. I'd like to check it out. Thanks for the input.
  14. No no no it finds them fine in compressed files. I have never gotten it to successfully clean something in a compressed file. But then again I don't download too many suspicious files and if they do have malware in them. Virus software finds them and if it doesn't remove them which it never does I delete it. Normally I don't find too many files that can be cleaned by Virus software most of the time I just have to delete whatever it finds.