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  1. That's why you don't use repair, with mlac it can be added right away and for a set amount of time, just say you're replacing the heat coil.
  2. LOL,Those were featured in the movie "Hackers" and are over a decade out of date; i'm sure you could find more up to date info online.
  3. I used to do this to people's landlines by calling RCMAC or MLAC and impersonating a field tech, but that was back in the 90's. I'm not sure how hard that would be now, and getting a cellco to remotly forward someone's number for a legitimate reason probably wouldn't be easy.
  4. nice, thought the sim would be useless and the phone would most likely be locked to cellnet, which no longer exists or was aquired by cingular/at&t. My first gsm setup was a nokia 5190 using voicestream, with the card sim like the one you have.
  5. Redboxing is dead since at&t killed acts, changing the tones won't fix that. beiging is just clipping onto someone's line, not really high tech. most of what's on textfiles is useless or outdated, there's better more recent sources of info out there.
  6. there are north korean numbers you can call from outside there, mainly goverment and foreign embasy numbers. as far as i know you can't call into the mobiles of the general public. that would be an interesting scan project, i remember seeing a list of prefixs/numbers you can call somewhere online.
  7. yea free to you, $10 a minute to whoever calls your satellite number.
  8. I had one of these, they were pretty nice for their time though the built in modem is only 300bps. you can program in basic and assembler on them, but they only have 32k of memory. I'd suggest getting a casette tape or optical drive for it.
  9. What models are the phones? pre or postpaid? There isn't much you can do phreaking wise with them, there are short codes for reaching various services. I'm not sure about inmarsat, but there isn't anything you can do with just a dead iridum phone with no service, wih the older trimode globalstar phones like the qualcomm 1600 it's tri mode and can default back to cdma service. thuraya phones only work in the eastern hemisphere.
  10. nevermind, I found gbppr; they don't seem to like eric either.
  11. gbppr? explain/link. he exploited mitnick, cummings, and others milking them for all the publicity and sales he could get, not to mention turning the sheeple into his fanboys and mindless drones echoing his liberal lies.
  12. Awww poor eric, if it isn't verizon conspiring to deprive them of their internet it's something else; I think he brings it on himself for being such a pompus self-rightious hippy with delusions of grandeur. I think he should take the $2,500 and call it a day, it's the best he's gonna do without years of expensive litigation. If it wasn't the only print hacking publication I'd say good riddance if they went under.
  13. I tried to use the ANI fail and got the following results: call #1: operator looked at her terminal for a minute then forwarded my call to directory assistance. call #2: told op I was trying to make a person to person call, she transfered me to a supervisor who asked for the number I was calling from and calling to, which LD carrier I wanted to use, then my call d/c'd. Anyone else have a better experience?
  14. How the hell did you run up a $102 phone bill with a lifeline plan, making overseas crank calls? Inside wire protection is a scam, you really don't need it unless you cut the wiring while doing construction or something. How about instead of waiting to get everyone's time zone and best time to call we just set a time in the evening, say 9:00 pm EST?
  15. Sounds like fun, i'll take a block to scan too.