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  1. So here's a strange thing (or maybe not--you tell me) I called a payphone outside of a circle-k in Bowling Green, OH (Im fairly certain its a verizon phone--99%) I know for a fact that it rings out loud--no one picked up after a number of rings I heard what sounded to me like quarter tones--anyone know if this is what I heard-and or why? Blacklines
  2. Excuse the really horrible pun but... HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. people still wardial, but mostly by hand--handscanning. There is plenty of POTS left to explore... VOIP is great, it opens up a new (in some ways more accessible) realm of telephone exploration... As for trashing--I know plenty of people who still trash, and benefit greatly from it Anyhow, I must say, respectfully, I disagree.
  3. as for the advice about picking file cabinet locks--those are wafer locks and wont teach you much about picking standard tumbler locks.... get some cheap pad lock from ace and start on that--or better, buy a kwik set deadbolt and practice on that... there are a number of tutorials out there on picking AND creating a practice lock by removing and adding pins to vary the difficulty, Im not going to even LIST them here because I can think of two or three other threads that reference places to find these things, and thats without searching. good luck blacklines
  4. im no expert, but floppy drives move in a circular motion whereas a tape head is already setup to read linear tape....
  5. In Computer hacker slang, a term for multiple computers (singular: box); originating as a facetious plural by analogy to oxen as the plural form of ox. -wikipedia
  6. pbx or KSU of some sort, looks to be a PBX, but im usually wrong //edit oh yeah, its free //edit
  7. if he was "serios" he wouldnt double post in the same post.
  8. not phreaking related, but im sure someone in the DTW area reading this might be interested:
  9. oddly, this is the second case of this i have heard in the last week... gotta love working in IT
  10. this isnt on ebay, but i know there are a few of you from minnesota--possibly the twincities area.... if you want a phonebooth, this seems to be a reasonable deal--im not the seller, nor do i know them, just thought it was noteworthy
  11. heh--no one was asking him to leave, and i dont think anyone was flaming him--merely offering sage advice--oh well, i still maintain that its not an intelligent thing to do to put photos of yourself tresspassing on the internet. as an aside, i think its hilarious when someone "stomps off" from binrev or any online forum, as if anyone really gives a shit--I dont give a shit because its not real life-so you shouldnt take it that seriously either--its a forum--there is bullshit, ego, and flaming that exist here--get used to it, dont just say "im going to take my ball and go home" everytime someone disagrees with you or says something you dont like. Oh well, its good for laughs. blacklines
  12. I agree--I know that there have been issues with methane and hydrogen sulfide collecting in manholes like these since they are essentially holes (unlike a storm sewer which is a tunnel of sorts and allows some air movement....) given that its basically bundles of cable and fiber, I would seriously ask myself if seeing said bundles and the thrill of being somewhere you are not supposed to be (and no, you are not supposed to be there...) is worth the chance of maybe not coming out of said manhole... its up to you--personally--Id leave that shit alone. If you really want to know whats down there, wait until you see some telco employees down there and go ask them for a looksee... despite what lame text files from the 80's might tell you, its often easier to get a tour just by asking. blacklines
  13. interesting photos man, however you might consider removing the ones where your face is plainly visable as I believe this does constitute trespassing and in this era of "OMG t3rr0r1st!!1!" im inclined to say safer than sorry... blacklines
  14. OR there are a number of software DTMF decoders, im sure if you google them youll find some... but I understand wanting the challenge of building your own.
  15. Ya little crappy skrew the comes loose all the time. I guess if it did not take me 5min to pick a lock It would not matter but after about 20sec it start to get lose. word to the wise--jackknife kits and other all in one devices dont offer the sensativity of feedback that is helpful in learning lockpicking--either make or buy a set of standard picks to start with--southord picks are decent, inexpensive beginner picks and on the outlet section of their site, one can get a good deal on some blemished but perfectly functional picks. blacklines