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  1. What about those of us who can't whistle? ← Then beep, like Lucky.
  2. you could whistle the tones into the mouthpiece!
  3. Certainly sounds like it. Anything that might even have the remote possiblity of losing money is illegal to these companies.
  4. I think i'm gonna go with the rat shack option. Thanks.
  5. pwned!
  6. Ok, to all you hardware hackers out there, i need some help. so i'm looking through the latest edition of 2600, and i see the article on how to build a magstrip reader. So i have my magnetic head, but i'm wondering about the 3.5mm plug required to connect to the PC/mp3 player. Do i have to use a mono? can i use a stereo plug and remove some of the wires?
  7. And now the phone spam cometh.
  8. Folgers cards don't work in Canada! and if i divert to the US, there's no point in using them. Damn!
  9. Hmm.. he seems to be getting a little angy. And the reason people may not tell you and others how to hax joor c0-workers computar for 4 joke lol lol becuase you have no interest in hacking. We're more than happy to help people who are interested about computers, and want to learn because of that fact, but not people who's primary use of hack knowledge is to screw other people over. Becuase thats not what its about.
  10. ... And instantly have the phone company on your ass.
  11. Whoops... must have missed that.
  12. Check out this hardware hack: Portable Rotary Phone Hack Also has a small piece on how rotary phones work, if you're interested.
  13. I would go to Defcon, but i live in Canada, and i'm waaaay too young to get down there by myself. One day, i'll go to defcon.
  14. What about diverting through an extender or PBX? doesn't that pass the number of whatever you're calling through? And to Fiend, do not pheer the operator. They're more than happy to dial a number for you. If they object, tell them that you're "vision impared" or my personal favorite, "special".
  15. Thanks!