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  1. I was talking about the main pasword they have just to get onto the system to leave a message. (Used to be 1234) :)
  2. Hello guys how are you?? I really dont understand how when these idiots block chatlines like 712-432-6497 even if you forward another # THAT ISNT BLOCKED to this #,you still cant get thru (You still get the same blocked recording as if you dialed the # directly) Is it because this is a digital network and there is no such thing as a POTS line on a digital network?? (The CODE ID cant be hidden) I wonder if forwarding 2 different #s might confuse it and you can then still get to a # they are blocking...... (Line 1 forwarded to line 2 which is forwarded to blocked #) I have read on this. It is illegial for them to block #s.... Its a big pain.... This digital phone network is the worst we have ever been on!!!! -- Dropped calls constantly,crappy sound... I would love having our reg analogue phone line back!! (Only 1 droped call I remember on that system and he had it over 30 years) Thanx for any explanations!!
  3. Hello my fellow friends how are you?? I forgot about my acct here.... Im just curious does anyone know the password for sprint voicemail?? (It used to be 1234 and before that it was 777468 (Sprint)) One such access number is 408-230-1111 I think its stupid having a password on thier voicemail system like that!! -- Who cares if someone wants to leave someone a message directly!!