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  1. thx all but can anyone help me in what i'm askin for? how much it will cost me, or just tell how much khz i'll need for about 4 miles range broadcasting that's all i want to know thx,
  2. isn't the black box the box that keeps the voltage of the phone line to appear like it still ringin and the other person didn't open the line so the phone company don't start counting how many minutes i talked? and that way i don't pay anymore? why ur sayin that it's not foe my benefit but for the benefit of the person that i'm callin can u be more clear plz? "i have a friend that has all the stuff to make a black box i just must give him how to do it!" thx
  3. 1st of all don't worry, in my country i can't get caught ,there's lots of illegal radio and some of them are very public so what i want is to do is a pirate radio for about 4 miles not more, and i want to know how much thios transmitter and antenna would cost... thx again
  4. so i can't make it myself? getting some radio parts..etc...? where does this am or fm transmitter is also used?othre than radio
  5. wanna know how to make an illegal fm radio... does it need a lot of equipements? i'm talkin about a radio station for maybe a little transmission range to be heared on fm or am frequency thx
  6. ijust hear the toooot tooooot toooo that become shorter and faster when the line is busy and longer if the phone is ringing that's all i hear what should i do?
  7. what's is it like...when typing the number or after that?should i read somethin onthe phoneboxes on the street to kow what is it?
  8. in what cases i can use a black box? as u read in my 1st thread, i'm in lebanon,would it work tell me what to check thx or maybe another box?wich ones may work nowadays?
  9. n e replies plz?
  10. well, in some little villages in lebanon there's that operators that connect you to other numbers but not in my place... how can i know how is set the network here?there's on the street big boxes that give to buildings phone lines for where there's a little box in every building that gives to the ppl in this building phone lines ...and by the way...a link how to do black box?with a pic?
  11. hi! i'm a new member in this board. so HELLO WORLD i'm currently interested in phreaking, so give me a simple introduction on what boxes i can use in my country,what tricks i can do..etc... country:lebanon current services in my country: regular phones with 6digits and added a 0* where * is for the area codes there's 2 mobile phone companies here also 6digits and added a 03 meaning it's a cellular phone number there's also the 4digits service like 1421 for automatic responding machines and commercial use,or to connect to the internet isp(1661) any help plz? thx