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  1. Anyone else catch the the show last night at 10 (u.s. east coast) ? It was "Hackers: Outlaws & Angels". It wasn't too shabby. For those of you who may have missed it, it should also be airing on the following dates: Dec. 13 & 15. Not too bad a program really... a bit odd to see all this on national television though. A good history of hacking was given, using Captain Zap, and a decent discription of hacking today was also provided. Check it out if you can. If not, hecking was also made TLC's website... http://tlc.discovery.com/convergence/hacke...rs/hackers.html
  2. Oh my god. Fucking w0w. Brainwashed is right paracord. They actually think this was a GOOD thing. The two kids who turned this one in are probably gonna get a medal...
  3. Ahhh.... as did I. Just got back as a matter of fact. I actually needed to vote for my congressman Mr. Shuster. He (or rather, his OFFICE) was quite responsive on the several occasion I wrote to them this year. And hell, his office even debated with me on Howard Berman's P2P bill across six e-mails. You have to vote for people who are at least willing to discuss things with the voters. :usa: :usa: :usa: :usa:
  4. Let me check. I may be in touch Zapper.
  5. lol!!! I've been huntin down pics and drawings of just that all day, wait till I get home, I'll send you some of 'em. :punk:
  6. That would be friggin sw33t. I can supply ya with a crap load of AMVs. I've been collecting 'em as much as I can. I don't own a camcorder, but I have access to one. I MAY be able to help out in that arena... need to think on it tho... ...count me in tho. I'll help out as much as I can.
  7. You hit up Bi0s yet? Bro masters some hella 1337 graphic skillz. I'd offer my own assistance, but if it isn't CAD, my computer graphic skillz suk.
  8. heh. looks as though you're getting a unanimus *FAR too lazy to check my spelling* vote here stank. I'm in. The dl times really aren't too much of an issue for me right now... if it's too much for my piddly little cable... i'll just go into work for the download...
  9. :omfg: 58th!!! :omfg: ...i'm not even sure why it is I'm suprised anymore.... the penguin just keeps lookin' better an' better.....
  10. HA! Either that or it's '70s porn sound tracks... you know... ...bawm chika wa wa... heh. You were also aware that you're talkig about a near $300 dollar installation, plus the cost of a compatible deck, right? I just don't think it's worth it. Personally speaking, that is.
  11. BAAAHAHAHA!! ...thats sick... ...you know, Souljacker's right. I could see that psychobitc- er. I mean... lovely person Hilary Rosen attempting such a lawsuit. OH Wait! They already are pursuing lawsuits like this!
  12. hmmmm... come to think of it... ALL this softw4re was installed on my box as well... what a coincidence..... I feel thy pain on the shitty connections however. My cable was crapping out on me every damn time I logged on. I'd have to power-cycle the damn modem several times before it would connect, and then I had a damn 10 minute window before I would get kicked off anyway! .argh. ...but, low, through much bitching to cable company, i have now recieved a new modem. and thus all is well in ev0 land.
  13. Hrm. Ya think? BA, most people around there don't even know what the hell 2600 is. Sadly, it probably is because you tend to display a rather extensive knowledge of the inter-workings of computers and networks, which is "dangerous" acording to some... Besides, you need a new job anyway. :mumble: ...i think i might to. this place is going even closer to hell than before... :glare:
  14. I don't. They give my hair this weird halo looking thing, and it really freaks me out. Seriously though, I'm not even sure what hat I would fall under. Probably gray, but I don't think I rock enough for a hat yet..... :rockon: :rock: :flameon: :rock: :rockon:
  15. :rock: Yea, DRF is the shit. Anyone who comes across any news in the online rights fight, or any for that matter, should definatley submitt it as news. Hell, even I got some stuff posted.... Defend your rights, lest you be assimilated. :borg: :borg: :borg: :borg: :borg: :borg: :borg: :borg: :punk: :borg: :borg: :borg: :borg: