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  1. Am I understanding this correctly: You formated an internal HDD with Windows XP installed, and an external HDD that wasn't even plugged in at the time got corrupted? Was there an operating system installed on the external disk, and if so were you dual booting it with XP?
  3. Remote controlled detonator for my firecrackers (and later skyrockets), I was about 13. It was as primitive as can be -- basically a remote controlled toy car stripped down to the receiver and main engine (no servos). The engine I hooked up to a simple switch on a circuit with a 12V battery eliminator from a train set in one end, and short section of stripped low gauge wire in the other. The wire would glow red hot when the circuit was closed, and the rest is self explanatory. I remember it was a big revelation to me when I experimented with under-water explosions (I would put the charge in a water resistant film container) and discovered, when placed at the bottom of a bucket, even the smallest charge would put a hole clean through a both the bucket and the plastic garden table on which it sat (this would not happen when the bucket was not filled with water, cos the energy would dissipate in all directions). It was probably my first hacker eureka moment. I couldn't care less about my mother yelling at me for destroying a perfectly good table. Ah, the memories
  4. I think it's snake oil. We are of course somewhat emotionally affected by sounds, but I can find absolutely no evidence to support the existence of sound induced effects similar to hallucinogens or anything of the like. Although there's always the placebo effect.
  5. That's probably true. Although from a design point of view I would like to see the feature offered by the OS. Too bad we're not living in an ideal world...
  6. More interesting than how many I personally use is how many there are. For instance there are quite a few text editors, office suites and IDE's. All of which are probably equally affected by the touch pad issue. Even the web browsers could probably use such a feature whenever something is being typed in a text box.
  7. Yes, but what programs actually need it? Why would you build an API for a single program. I'd imagine it would at least be useful for all applications in which you'd do text typing.
  8. If it's offered by the API it will obviously only be used by programs that require it.
  9. Can you give me an example of why you would need this at an operating system level? What I mean is that if the function is performed by the operating system it will not be necessary to make an implementation for every program that needs it.
  10. It would make more sense to implement such a feature on the operating system level, or the desktop environment.
  11. The principle is not so different from any ordinary film projector, except it detects when somebody is using flash. This way the projection is active only when a picture is taken.
  12. Before converting to Firefox I used Provoxy for ad-blocking.
  13. It's not a bad guess. A flaky PSU can result in one or more components not operating correctly, and causing freezes. If you can, it would be a good idea to take out every component in the machine that is not necessary to boot, and if possible, temporarily replace components like the PSU, hard disk and the video card. If it still freezes you'll know that it's very likely to be the motherboard or the CPU. If it doesn't freeze you should be able to identify the bad component through elimination. It can in theory be almost anything. Even a broken network card can under some circumstances produce symptoms like this.
  14. I'm guessing here, but it could be that your motherboard got FUBAR after operating with a damaged graphics card for a long time.
  15. You can do rsync over ssh: