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  1. Lol. /me prays for a mod flame war.
  2. Wow.... This is certainly destined for playa hatas.
  3. Go ahead and post your comments as I said above Dr. Z2A.
  4. This is gonna end up in playa-hatas so why even post it in links? The AntiDote has a forum up now so for anybody interested in participating in our projects, join up. We're doing a lot to combat phishers and scammers right now. You can check up on the progress at You can register for the forums here: Feel free to post comments below.
  5. All of the target sites except were taken down. Less victims=success.
  6. All you hackers gather round because.... TIZ{The Intrahack Zine} Issue 04 is out! In this issue: LimeWire Pro 4 all Getting out of DUIs More webcams Google mining guide antidote update A new php-fusion exploit bellsouth doc droppage Spread Cisco-Lynn project An in-depth analysis of the alexa toolbar including packet captures And much much much more! Get the zine here: Get back issues here: If you've enjoyed this zine please vote for us and share the love: By loading this page you are leeching bandwidth from a fake bank: *** Moderator Edit: *** Inline image removed, post a link if you like, but this sort of thing does not belong inline. *** End Moderator Edit: *** Send your articles, comments, rants, links, and anything else your sick minds can come up with to If you want to, you can post your comments below. We're launching lots of projects right now so it's really fun. /exit
  7. brutus hydra access diver STC 3.0 toneloc notepad advanced rar password recovery cain hex workshop soft ICE winHTtrack pgp webcracker 3.0
  8. The flashmob was a success. Thanks to everybody who participated!
  9. This site is done for. I think it's only a matter of weeks. Notice how it's like running out of his house? There were like a lot of busts lately and somebody at UG thinks it's related. It was a cool site but it looks like it may be over for them. *sob*
  10. If only there were some type of mirror site that had copies of hacked sites... oh yeah..! They even got my hack that didn't cover the whole page.
  11. That is done but it doesn't get the job done. Some of these banks still stay around and so we need to kill them. It is a lot harder to make a form filler than it is to reload an image. We also send kill letters to hosters and our group hacks them but it's just another strategy and you get to see the true power. Being in a flashmob is a really exciting experience. The flashmob is occuring or is already done by the time you read this but we still need your help! You can reload these fake banks pages. The targets are: You can CALL THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THESE FAKE BANKS!!! Phone Numbers: +27 72-051-6240 +27 724156675 +34 686072781 +32 484 67 50 53 +31 646472805 +33 142748596 +44 709 203 4931 +44 (0) 845 686 0608 +44 1624 672211 +44 2084712109 +1 866-549-1347 +1 866-566-6285 +1 866-556-6234 +1 416 832-6837 +1 218 554-4756 You can fax them: +1 866-728-4602 +1 416 832-5346 +27 72-051-6240 +31 847499935 +34 686072784 +44 (0) 870 121 0359 +44 1624 661276 +44 709 203 4933 +49 20330931616 You can even SMS them: +27 72-051-6240 +27 724156675 +32 484 67 50 53 +31 646472805 +34 686072781 +1 416 832-6837 You can spam their emails:
  12. To check when it is occuring go here and make sure you check to see who the targets are. They will probably take about 10 fake bank/lottery sites down so we need your help!
  13. neat page. Thanks for the link
  14. Thanks, I forgot to take it out. I shut it down. *sob*' </end of whoring?>
  15. windows doesn't recognize AVG. No need to be concerned.