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  1. I know this will sound really stupid but I forgot the password for my vista and kumbuntu pc and I was wondering if there is any way you can reset the passwords by using software or other means. Thanks a lot, Tekwizz
  2. hey I am trying to get visual studio 10 to run on my pc that is running linux. only problem is that even with wine I cannot get the program to run/install. are there any free emulators/ code that would get the program to install on my pc?
  3. I have had this problem as well. Basically what it is is that the computer can't start as it needs the BT4 files to load. Reinstall BT4 from the disk image or a memory stick (you will need to change the BIOS settings so it checks for the stick first though) and then back up your files, partition the drives (vista needs the NST or some thing like that partition type i think) and do a complete reinstall of the desired operating system, then add on your backed up files. This should leave you with the only operating system that you need. Good Luck, tekwizz123
  4. #include "stdafx.h" #include "iostream" #include "math.h" using namespace std; using namespace System; int triangle(int i); int main() { int i; cout<< "Insert a number to find the factoroid of."; cin >> i; cout<< "Function Returned \n"<< triangle(i)<< endl; system (" pause "); return 0; } int triangle (int i) { int output = 0; int n; for (n=1; n<= i; n++) output *= i; return output; } this is my program. I want it to use factorial function on a number given by the user, but it keeps on giving 0 instead. What have I done wrong here?
  5. well I am using windows vista and Microsoft Visual Studio 10 plus a book to get started in the programming. I think i will go with the C++ for now and get really good at it first. Then I'll move onto java or something more advanced. And lastly, yes i am looking at becoming a hacker/ bug finder in the future.
  6. I have just started C++ programming and I was wondering how many years studying C++ would be needed before I could create my own programs like the one in the password cracking form. Sry if this sounds childish but i thought y guys might be able to answer.
  7. thanks for this I have been looking for something to stop the script from going so fast across the screen for ages. this has really helped me with that!
  8. hey well I have just started off with C++ (Visual Studio 10) in the book, "C++ Without Fear" and i am not having too much trouble so I would also recommend C++ as a starting language.