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  1. So I'm curious about the LOIC tool used in Operation Payback (it's in the news if you've been under a rock for a while), wouldn't it be possible to forge the source addresses of the DDoS packets and stop everyone from getting arrested like idiots? I'm assuming the packets' real source would be logged somewhere along the way and still be traceable, but it would at least be marginally harder to find them right?
  2. No but it doesn't matter anymore the person I was helping remembered their password. Thanks for the help though.
  3. Sort of expanding on gLi7chas "grey area", if you want to add something to your setup, here is something to look at. It's basically a really insecure nix setup that you can hack (on your own network). They originally came from a presentation called Pentest Labs using Live CDs at The Last HOPE. The other presentations are pretty awesome too if you haven't already heard them. There is also another Live CD I think called Damn Vulnerable Linux if you want to test your might against that. However you probably won't learn a ton from aiming Metasploit at these and clicking "Fire" (or using tools someone else made in general). If you're just getting started, I suggest you look around the forums at the "Getting Started" type threads and pick yourself a programming langague to learn. If you're not just getting started then my bad and good luck.
  4. gLi7cha Since no one else seems to have mentioned it I figured I'd throw this in here, MIT has a free Python class online. It's part of their opencourseware project and it's the intro to their computer science program. I don't remember what Python version is (pretty sure 2.5) but it's not that much different from 3.0, I hope. Link somewhere over herish. I only watched the first class then mozied back to C so I don't know if it's any good but it's worth a shot.
  5. Lifelock CEO gets Identity Stolen A semi news story ish thing about the CEO getting his identity stolen (kind of). Their marketing was taken a little bit too far in my opinion.
  6. As a complete stranger Stank, the only consolation I can offer is this: Your grandma is probably quite happy, and it takes the bad times to give the good times meaning. It'll be ok.
  7. Hi all, I'm a semi-n00b here (sortof), and this is my first post, so nice to meet all of you . Anyway, I was wondering about how to go about obtaining a an email account password saved in Outlook. Account recovery isn't really an option, since it's a Time Warner Cable email account, which gives me the impression that it would be a pain to reset the password, and this method is more interesting. Unless I'm grossly mistaken, this password shouldn't be in the SAM and is probably crammed in some registry file or something, so a program should be able to get this. Does anyone have any recommended programs for getting this and cracking the hash (I hope its a hashed password, otherwise I would have to wonder as to why Microsoft is in business)? I don't really trust a lot of free programs that google provides, hence my reason coming here. Also a Man in the Middle attack could work, except the computer in question is apparently very slow, and this seems to me a simpler solution, correct me if I'm wrong. Your help is appreciated, and very awesome.