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  1. Thank you both. That is exactly what I was looking for. For mr. sandman, it's ok that you don't understand but like they said don't spam the forum, just ask. Basically what they just told me was that the files for two websites running off of the same domain are stored in the same place. To avoid people ignoring you I would suggest that you only make replies that are either contributing the original post, or asking a question related to the original post. If you don't understand something try looking it up via google or some other search engine first. If you're still lost then feel free to ask for help, but try and be specific.
  2. The best way to send a completely anonymous email is to create an email account on a computer that you have never before used and will never again use. Obviously make sure that absolutely no information is in the account that would in any way lead to you. And to delete the account after sending it. In extreme paranoia cases, never go to the location of where the computer was again. And if you're really really paranoid don't draw attention to yourself at the computer. Your best bet would probably be a public library that isn't in your town and doesn't require any kind of membership to use the computers. Or a cybercafe would do just the same, but remember you're trying to avoid being traced so the less your presence is known the better.
  3. Ok, first before anyone makes any assumptions that I am a complete idiot (which I may be so you wouldn't be far off) I know that the password files stored in parts of the directory, and if a person is smart they are going to hide the file and have the program that accesses it go through a shadow file. (actually I'm not 100 percent sure about that, so if I'm wrong feel free to correct me, that's why I'm posting) But what I really would like to know is where a password file is stored for a sub site of a main address? For example let's say that was in fact, but then also using their hosting space allowed to run as well. In case I am confusing anyone this is how what I am thinking would work: is registered to David *****, through D****** Domains. Now this is the site we all know and use, but then the second site operating under the same hosting space would operate under the same registrant and same domain name, but as a sub-domain. so it would look like this in the url, but in reality it would still be Ok so the question is, where would the password files for the sub-domain be located? would they be in the same directory as the actual domain? Or would they be stored in a seperate location? (I am the one who put the asteriks in just in case someone doesn't want that information publicly viewable)
  4. from cimm himself "we of gaia"
  5. from what you said the computers have the system folders blocked. you can still click the start button right? and when that pops up there is still a folder there right? if so double click the folder. window pops up. click the drop down arrow on the url bar, go to local disk c:. now you can access the system folders. Beware: FileMon is commonly used on workplace computers, if not that specific program than another monitoring program. to find out what monitoring program they may have installed and how it works go to the winnt folder and open the command prompt. look through the directory until you find anything that looks like a monitoring program, make note of its name and research it when you get home. find out what it looks for and try not to trigger any of its admin alerts. you don't want to lose your job because you couldn't stay away from (i'm going to assume since you seem to be a casual user) game sites and chat programs.
  6. Honestly is waiting the 2 or 3 seconds for Mozilla to initially startup that big of a deal? Patience is a virtue.
  7. I agree that this is an amazing technology, but it also scares me a bit. Now I'm all for controlling the environment around you simply by thinking, but if it requires a piece of equipment to be attached to my brain then the implementations of mind control have just taken a new direction.
  8. It works on the computer's at my work, so I'm assuming it works on your school's computer's as well. If not then there must be another way. But at my work I can't access the command prompt either due to restrictions, however I can access the file "" which is the command prompt, only as you can see it has the .com instead of .exe extension. On windows xp it's found under c>windows>system32
  9. Alright, to no prevail I searched all my notebooks and found nothing. The only other place I have the adress stored is on the laptop that I locked myself out of. If anyone wants to try and find it I am almost positive that the url has "modem" and "serials" in it, but now I'm starting to doubt that since I couldn't pull it up in google even with those two words.
  10. Not sure if the program he posted is the same as this one, but hope it helps. Also when I get home I think I have a site saved that gives out serial numbers. I can't remember off the top of my head what it is, and surprisingly google didn't bring me to it. Hopefully I can remember, it's a great source.
  11. I read through this, and I dont know if im wrong or not, but that's just a lot of information about the filter, the "Loophole" link only tells about how they classify certain sites as loopholes. If you dont want to read through all that, though it is informative, the way i listed should work just fine. ← Haven't used it myself, but a quick search on google brought up this. I read through it a little and it looks like it will work for what you want. If not you could always try using google to dig a little further...
  12. It's a monitoring program that runs over a network and allows the user to see everything that happens on the computers. At the current moment I can't install it, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Specifically I want to know if it has a feature that allows the program to send a notification if certain events happen. In a few hours I will be able to install it and play with it.
  13. That should do the trick. Hope it helps.
  14. There's two ways to get gmail, which as you know is needed for gtalk. The first is to be invited, the second is New Account ( Edit:Well, after looking a little closer I see that someone already responded to that question. Sorry for the repeat.
  15. Steal this computer book If anything at all it offers great resources. I find that it does a pretty good job of showing the reader how to use the internet as a highly effective tool. The main purpose of the book is to inform the reader of what is available on the internet, how they can use it for there own good, and how to avoid becoming a target. I would say that it's a good start for someone who doesn't have much technical knowledge of computers, and also a good resource for anyone who's looking for different viewpoints on ideas and beliefs. The whole book itself is dedicated to the internet, what I found most interesting was that it flat out tells you not to read the book and take anything in it as fact, instead it tells you to take the information and make your own opinions on what it has to offer and the validity of it.