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  1. I'm sorry if I'm resurrecting an old thread here. Anyone made any headway towards developing the Millennium Manager software? I recently purchased a Millennium Phone and would like to get it working.
  2. Comrex ISDN Nexus test phone number: 978-772-9404.
  3. It's been a while but I thought I'd say "hello". I've been off the grid dealing with life stuff. Though it has been a while, I still have a fascination for phones. Here's a couple of pics from my apartment. 1.) "Bell System Installer" Circa, 1941. I found one of those butler Halloween guys at a yard sale, and turned him into the best way that I could display the older test set, safety belt and hard hat. He's hanging out in my dining room and makes people take a second look. 2.) A small part of my phone collection. I mostly have Bell System stuff, but there is some GTE stuff that I've come across over the years. Take care and hopefully I can contribute to this forum more often.
  4. I will miss this switch. Great recordings!
  5. I get a CBCAD Magic Jack. Tone + please enter your pin on AT&T.
  6. I'll give you a number that you can call until you are blue in the face. It's the number for a d-bag that I know.
  7. What is the range of the personal model?
  8. I'd really like to know as well. Send me a PM if you would like to discuss.
  9. I've thought about using them. It would be nice to be able to consolidate my DID with outgoing.
  10. I'm kind of surprised by her age. Pretty young to be the head of business analysis.
  11. I've had the same IP address with Time Warner Cable for 18 months now. I've upgraded service, changed modems twice, had a couple of day long outages, and still I have the same IP address. I can't complain. Though I have the money to pay for hosting I still just run a web server at home. No blocked services in my area. Back to BrakeDanceJ's question.....I'd like to see a competitive international calling plan. If your in Chicago there will be plenty of people calling home to Central and South America.
  12. I'd never pay to use this service. Not worth $30/year.
  13. Now that's what I call talent!
  14. Yes, if the bank received the money from the Federal Reserve Bank then there will be a record of serial numbers for money that was delivered to the bank. Banks may also choose to record the serial numbers of cash that is placed into ATMs. The small freestanding independent units many not do this.
  15. http://noknok.tv/ Not a bad Nokia site.